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Cosmic Order & Sacred Balance

Cosmic Order & Sacred Balance

The exact moment of the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is Monday, September 23 @ 12:50am PST.

Light and Dark stand together, then the darkness slowly by slowly dominates. The long summer days ebb, drawing us towards the long winter nights of dreaming. There is a high energy as harvest time calls us to our work with a certain urgency for completion before winter sets in. 

The Autumn Equinox celebrates balance - cosmically, it is when the Sun enters Libra (sign of scales and balance) and day and night are equal. All of Gaia is suspended for a moment of harmonious balance. Alternate names for this holy day are Mabon, Harvesttide, Lá Leathach an Fómhair, and Alban Elfed (the Light of the Water).

{{Side Note: “Mabon” is a relatively recent name for this moment in the turning of the year. An academic named Aidan Kelly chose the name in the 1970s when creating a Pagan Calendar and it was then accepted and incorporated into the Pagan vocabulary. He also introduced the terms Ostara for Spring Equinox and Litha for Summer Solstice.}} 

In light of this cosmic balance, the Autumn Equinox is about putting things in their sacred order (in modern days, we tidy up our pantries, organizing our nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit in mason jars with labels and such), being efficient with our energy (getting clearer on our priorities and how to best manage time as the daylight gives way to lengthening nights), and planning for the lean season (knowing where our resources are stored and how to tap into them when necessary). This is also the time when we are actively developing our capacities as memory keepers, acknowledging our interconnectedness with all of life, cultivating our dreaming powers, and giving thanks for all that is, was and ever will be - for the Sacred Order of life here...for letting go and letting be. 

Sacred Order is based in gratitude, integrity, and justice - being thankful for what is right in the world, doing the inner and outer work, and standing up for those who have been wronged.

If we examine our current social norms in light of this season (which is all about order and balance), we can see the stark polarity of what is disharmonious and out of balance. Krishanmurit once said: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” So, when we find that we are no longer well-adjusted (or we never felt like we belonged), our inner rebel can’t help but see and feel the injustices and we have a few ripe words to say, as well as actions to take!

See, insights without action are useless and words without action create mistrust. The “action” traditionally associated with the Harvest Time is true thanks-giving - praise for the abundance of the second harvest. The moment you open your heart in gratitude, you connect to the universal quantum field, and you have an innate desire to share and serve. But the other side of that openness, is feeling the injustice and the pain and the suffering of all. This is the opportunity to become agents of “Lady Justice” in service of Mother Earth and all her children. 

We are looking at and reaping what we have sown collectively over generations. In some cases, there is cause to celebrate and honor. In other cases, there is cause for total disgust for we see the wormholes and the rot of disingenuous greed. The inner voice screams: “This is not right! This is not in accordance with the sacred order of things! Something must give! I must rise up out of my complacency and despair to help repair order! Now!”

You may be feeling an edginess alongside this urgency as it becomes clearer and clearer where things are actually quite disharmonious and out of balance. You may find that certain behaviors of your own and of others are no longer acceptable. You may know without a doubt that some things must change, but you don’t even know where to begin.

This tipping point from light to dark - as in most transitional times - can feel overwhelming. So the Equinox is also a powerful time of alchemical healing for the solar and lunar, inner and outer, above and below, superficial and deep, personal and collective, divine and human, transcendent and immanent, waking and dreaming aspects of each and all.

Thankfully, elementally, the Autumn Equinox carries us into the season of Water, and we can deep dive into the healing qualities of water through dreams, rituals and loving awe for Gaia’s most generous gifts. And in this, recognize that you, too, are a gift.

Cinnamon Rose and I have created a Mastercourse for this powerful season and we think it’s the best yet.

If you’re a Premium Member of Saged App, you’ll be able to access the course on and after the Equinox.

You can also purchase the most beautiful guidebook chock full of reflections, self-care practices and rituals for the Autumn Season HERE.

As supplements to this course, we recommend you explore Jennifer’s book ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake and online course Awakening Through Dreams, as well as Cinnamon’s upcoming course Sovereignty in Relationship.

Thank you for joining us on the journey!

Make Something Beautiful

Make Something Beautiful

From and In the Heart of All

From and In the Heart of All