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Make Something Beautiful

Make Something Beautiful

The Full Moon is waxing tonight, mirroring the sweet fullness at the end of the inhalation when we are utterly "filled with the song of the breath."

For the past few weeks, I’ve been guiding a lovely group with Edwina Ferro through The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche. This week we were meditating with Yukti 4:

At the end of the exhale,
Breath surrenders to quietude.
For a moment you hang in the balance-
In the fertile spaciousness
That is the source of breath.

At the end of the inhale,
Filled with the song of the breath,
There is a moment when you are simply
Holding the tender mystery.

In these interludes,
Experience opens into exquisite vastness
With no beginning and no end.
Embrace this infinity without reservation.
You are its vessel.

This sutra calls us into the moment, reminding us of the simple practice of the breath to bring us into the eternal present – as “fertile spaciousness,” “tender mystery,” and “exquisite vastness.” To enter in, we must suspend disbelief and resistance to magic – all those habitual ways we hold ourselves back from life. We must open again to the childlike wonder that brings us down to the grass on our knees in utter amazement.

And then maybe we will no longer merely accept war and violence as an inherent an inevitable tragedy of existence. Instead, maybe we will be able to once again or for the first time practice a radical hope that we might move past these violent tendencies in ourselves and in humanity as a whole. And maybe, as Mary Oliver writes in her poem, “Blue Horses”:

Maybe our world will grow kinder eventually.
Maybe the desire to make something beautiful
is the piece of God that is inside each of us.

Retrieve that something inside of you, my friends. Make something beautiful today. That something beautiful can be a smile, a meal, a gesture with your hands, a song, a poem, a painting, anything that arises from your heart and moves through your body out into the world.

Look. Listen. Pay close attention. Allow the beauty around you to take your breath away - to suspend you in that fertile spaciousness, tender mystery and exquisite vastness. Remember again how to kneel and kiss the Earth with reverence and awe; “how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields” (thank you, Mary Oliver). This is prayer as an act of attention and devotion, a reverent celebration of creation.

Love Always,

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