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Libra Blue Moon Invitation to Wonder and Delight

Libra Blue Moon Invitation to Wonder and Delight

The full moon in Libra was earlier this morning at 4:12am PDT. It’s a blue moon kind of day, illuminating our relationships - internal (mind and body), external (people and place) and Soul-Source.

So then…How is it with your Soul and all your relations? How well can you create a home for yourself - a place of belonging - in this imperfect world? How much beauty, love and magic can you let in through your five senses as well as through your sense of awe? 

Remember…There is within each and every one of us a capacity to appreciate the essence of life and the mystery of death - to be in deep relationship with the cosmic dance of life-death-life - to be a conduit between heaven and earth - to experience wonder and delight in All That Is. 

Know this…In every moment is an opportunity to take pleasure in the way your breath moves; to forget yourself in the exquisite stillness of simplicity; to open to the radiance within; and then…to reach out and touch and be touched by the essential beauty of presence. 

And so…Take a deep breath and sigh. Bask in the moments of solitude and connection - in union with yourself and communion with another.

I love that in yoga we can be alone together. We can have our own experience on the mat next to another who is also having their own experience. On retreat, this beautiful dynamic is even more palpable. We connect with our own needs; we nurture our spirits with attention; and we share in meals and conversations that are deeply nourishing. 

Imagine…settling in for an exquisite weekend of yoga, sacred sound, delicious meals and quiet moments of reflection among the redwoods…

Early Registration for the Radiant Summer Yoga Retreat ends this Sunday. April 21. Edwina and I are doing something super special - not only do you receive a discount, you get to join Radiant Sundays - up to $220 value! 

Use discount code: EARLYBIRD50 when you register HERE.

Bask in the radiance of All That Is. Make this Summer one to remember. Your journey begins upon registration. 

We will practice yoga twice daily and there will be time for you to rest and restore among the redwood trees. Lydia will also be with us offering a sound healing journey on Saturday evening. The land at Ratna Ling is truly sacred and provides an exquisite sense of peace that will follow you home.

May New and Full Moon Signs and Times:

05/04 Taurus New Moon at 3:46pm PDT

05/18 Scorpio Full Moon at 2:12am PDT

Beltane: Bright Fire Alchemize Us

Beltane: Bright Fire Alchemize Us

For you, Seekers of Sweetness, Spring Equinox Blessings

For you, Seekers of Sweetness, Spring Equinox Blessings