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Approaching Mabon

Approaching Mabon

Traditionally, the first harvest is celebrated at Lughnasadh in early August. This second harvest of Mabon at the Fall Equinox is sometimes referred to as the witch’s thanksgiving. We gather what was not quite ripe in the previous weeks - the actual and metaphorical gourds, berries, wheat and acorns; as well as the emotions and less physical creations from the earth, water, breath and light of our own bodies. We look more carefully at what we have reaped and what will be needed in the winter season.

Perhaps you feel singed and raw from the heat of summer.  Perhaps you feel resourced and connected to your power. Perhaps you feel like a victim, at the mercy of Fate. Perhaps you feel like a tyrant, desperately trying to control every detail of your life - including those who are closest to you. Likely, it’s some combination of all the above. Now, as we transition into Autumn, there is an inward turning mirroring the leaves turning and falling from the trees. 

Within the turning seasons there is always an opportunity of choice - to align with the natural order of things or to resist the inevitable and deny the truth.

Choose to cultivate sensitivity and gratitude during this time of rebalancing energies, reviewing contracts, and renewing intentions. Allow yourself a deep sigh of relief, and receive a soothing balm for the pain and suffering in this world and within. As the natural world is a mirror for ourselves, we are also mirrors for each other. As within, so without. 

Nature teaches us this balance of the inner and outer: A bud emerges as the outer casing draws away. A blooming of hidden colors and scents opening petal by petal, giving way to vegetable or fruit - a ripening of self-revelation, ready for harvest. Self-revelation is not just an Aha! moment for your mind’s temporary satisfaction, but an act of revealing yourself to the world as a gift. You are the gift.

So, take a moment to quiet your mind, look into the mirror of nature, and listen for what is present. Thoreau once chided himself for physically being in the woods, but mentally wandering about some other business in some other terrain. Listen to the sounds of the present moment. Bring your mind here, fully embodied. Open to really truly hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, sensing, feeling, knowing, being.

With Love,

P.S. Reflection may often bring up awareness around ways you are out of alignment with the natural order of things and with your soul. If you are feeling out of sorts, contact me for a series of Thrive Soul Sessions -!

From and In the Heart of All

From and In the Heart of All

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