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Summer Solstice DAY 2/3: Live & Love

Summer Solstice DAY 2/3: Live & Love

This is Day 2 of our Summer Solstice Solar Gate Reflections. Yesterday I wrote about Play and if you missed it, you can read the post HERE.

As the Sun stands still in the sky, I’m reminded of a teaching from one of my teachers, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: Lady Death is with us at all times, especially at the peak moments of life. She asks us to let die what is dying, as we let live what is living.

When we hold on too long and grip too forcefully, we don’t allow life to flow free and full. We stop playing as the child spirit is stifled by the daily stresses. We lose trust in the natural order and cycle of things.

I find this to be true for me at times when I feel uneasy with the “bigness” or “fastness” of life - and the Summer Solstice season is just that - big, fast, bright, intense, extreme.

So, here’s the opportunity: Can you let go as you also let grow - allowing love and trust to lead the way, rather than fear and control? That is certainly one of my biggest challenges in this embodiment!

You see, the living and the dying are right next to each other, often overlapping. At the peak ripeness of life is the turning point toward death. I often mourn this moment, as I also know it is now a time of darkening little by little, of the ripe fruits falling from the tree...and then? Picked up, eaten, loved for every juicy bite? Or left to rot, forgotten, only later consumed by maggots?

Some things are ready to die. Let them. Others are meant to live. Encourage them with all your heart. Do not give up on LOVE for the wheel continues to turn and it truly is all an expression of Love - beyond our human restrictions and Hollywood idealizations.

As for me, I want to live and trust in LOVE. Not just through a filtered awareness that observes from afar and above and beyond it ALL, but immersed and fully engaged with the living and dying and being HERE. Seeing. Tasting. Feeling. Laughing. Playing, Knowing. Being. Loving. THIS. All That Is. With Love. In LOVE.

And you?

Enjoy the radiance of these longest days. From sunrise to high noon, place your attention on all the things that are ripening, growing, living. As you sense the Sun reach high noon, then slowly descend into the West, acknowledge in some prayerful (and even playful) way all that has reached its zenith and is dying or perhaps already dead. In this way, live and love in communion with the continuing cycle of Life.


P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for my third and final Summer Solstice post on transience and urgency.

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