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From and In the Heart of All

From and In the Heart of All

Full Moon Love!

Those of you who have practiced yoga with me, know how I close each practice with: “From my heart, to your heart, to the one heart.” I don’t recall when or how this first occurred to me, but it is a prayer that reminds me daily of our interconnection and our sacred purpose. The moments we have to connect with ourselves and one another in a heartfelt way are so precious.

Our daily practices (intentional movement such as yoga or tai chi, meditation, dreaming, walking in nature, making dinner for our loved ones, smiling at people on the streets, praying, playing with our children and animals, creating art, etc.) connect us with the Sacred.

These practices both empty us of fear and fill us with Light so that we can find our way in any Darkness, no matter what it may be. They also support us in doing our outward work, whatever it may be.

I love this quote from Meister Eckhart, a mystic and prophet wrote:

“The outward work can never be small if the inward work is great; and the outward work can never be great or good if the inward is small or of little worth. The inward work always includes in itself all size, all breadth and length. The inward work receives and draws all its being from nowhere else but from and in the heart of God.”

May you daily find awe in your life, both in your outward and inward work, from and in your heart and the heart of All!

I have two offerings to share with you on this Full Moon day:

Radiant Sundays

This is a 5-week meditation and mudra series with Edwina and me beginning September 29! It’s an online series, so you can join us wherever you are. If you can’t join us live, we are recording the sessions, so you can listen in whenever you have a moment.

“Your heart sees by its own light. In meditation, adore the subtle fire. The light that you see by is the light that comes from inside.” - The Radiance Sutras

Dates: Sundays, September 29-October 27
Time: 8:30-9pm PST
Location: Zoom - wherever you are
Cost: $108
More information and registration HERE

Make a Mala

This is a super special workshop for those of you in the Bay Area. If you can attend, you are in for a major treat! My creative artist yogi friend, Jen Lo met with me on Zoom this morning for a private male making class and wow, I was just so grateful for her expert and patient teaching. So really, if you are in the Bay on October 13, you must go! There are only a few spots remaining.

You will create a beautiful 108-bead mala during this special workshop inspired by Saraswati—goddess of creativity and flow. Learn how to tie your intentions into your work, one knot at a time. Adorn yourself with a gorgeous handmade mala infused with meaning and healing properties. This four hour workshop includes chanting/yoga, a mini lecture, step-by-step instruction, and all supplies to craft your mala. (Jen is a visual artist and yoga instructor that believes all create perfectly. Questions can be directed to

Date: Sunday, October 13
Time: 12-4pm
Location: Peacebank Yoga, Redwood City
Cost: $108
Sign up HERE 

And lastly, enjoy this Full Moon night - marvel at the luminous miracle that is the Moon and stars shining up the night sky.

My heart is so full. Thank you each of you.

Moons and Events to Remember:

September 13 Pisces Full Moon @ 9:33pm PST
Dream Circle @ Fettle - September 21 @ 5:15pm
September 23 Fall Equinox @ 12:50am PST
Dream Circle @ FigLeaf Plant Shop - September 26 @ 5:15pm
September 28 Libra New Moon @ 11:27am PST
FREE Dream Circle - Mothers Dreaming for Mother Earth @ The Hive - October 2 @ 10:15am
Dream Circle @ Fettle - October 12 @ 5:15pm
October 13 Aries Full Moon @ 2:08pm PST

Approaching Mabon

Approaching Mabon