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All Things Leo New Moon

All Things Leo New Moon

The New Moon in Leo has come and gone this evening - 8:11pm PST. What were you up to at that very moment of turning? I was cleaning salmon and mashed cauliflower from my son’s cheeks, forehead, nose, hair, ears, belly, hands…you know, typical toddler love of food!

See, sometimes “ritual” comes in the form of noticing what you’re doing in daily life and opening to the sacred within the apparently mundane.

And in that, everything is sacred, yes?!

Well, throughout the whole dark moon leading up to this evening, I was steeping in conversations (internal and external) around passion, creativity, confidence, value…all the Leo things. Some of the conversations were invigorating and inspiring, while others were more edgy and challenging.

So of course tonight I was texting with a sister of my heart and she reminded me of something that I’d love for you all to re-member into your healing as well: You cannot make a wrong choice. You cannot control the outcome, but if you trust in love, then whatever transpires is for the highest, greatest and deepest good.

In these conversations are embedded opportunities to feel and express love, respect, gratitude and appreciation - all high level feelings that lay the foundation for manifesting and embodying the Light.

This time on Gaia takes all of us and all of us - our WholeSelf and the global tribe of beings. Be honest with your capacities and bring your gifts into creation and to Creation. Only you know your capacity. And know that your capacity increases as you nourish and replenish.

Is the life force within you satisfied with how it is moving within and through you? Are you living at your evolutionary edge? Are you fulfilling your soul purpose and feeling fulfilled?

Answer honestly. Without comparison to anyone else. Recognize and Accept your best; your brightest; your gifts and inherent skills…With Love and Devotion towards Mastery. More on this soon!

Here, a Mudra for embodying this Great Energy of Mastery:

Garuda Mudra

Garuda is the mystical king of birds with the keenest eyesight, the widest wing span, the strongest instincts.

To perform Garuda Mudra, clasp your thumbs and place your hands, right on top of left over your lower belly. Hold for 10 breaths. Then place your hands over your navel and hold again for 10 breaths. Move your hands over your heart and keeping your thumbs hooked and your palms facing your heart, splay your fingers open so they reach towards your shoulders - mimicking the open wings of a great bird soaring through the sky, trusting in the wisdom and freedom of the wind, living in harmony with the world. Breathe again for 10 breaths. Then release your hands and feel the shift.

And so…welcome Leo New Moon (August 31, 8:11pm PST) and welcome into the Lughnasadh Portal (August 1-15)! Stay tuned for an invitation to a beautiful online offering I’m co-creating with Cinnamon Rose for you at this very moment. We have put together some fantastic Lughnasadh-inspired meditations and reflections on moving from Comparison and Competition to Mastery and Devotion. I’m really excited for you to experience them!

With Love,

July 31 Leo New Moon @ 8:11pm PDT/Super Moon
August 1-2 Calendar Lughnasadh
August 7 Solar Lughnasadh 12:13pm PDT (Sun at 15 degrees of Leo)
August 15 Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Lughnasadh @ 5:29am PDT

Lughnasadh Invitation

Lughnasadh Invitation

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