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Lughnasadh Invitation

Lughnasadh Invitation

We are in the middle of the Lughnasadh portal and it is full of opportunities for growth and transformation. I don't know about you, but wow for me, I'm being tested and finding new superpowers of grace and ease in the fires! Today is Solar Lughnasadh, precise at 12:13pm PST on August 7 when the Sun is at 15 degrees Leo.

In the Celtic Wheel of the Year the Lughnasadh season (from late Summer to early Fall) marks the first harvest. It is a celebration of the first fruits of labor, the finest craftsmanship, and exceptional physical abilities - an offering of the best in gratitude for that which has been cultivated during the previous seasons, and an acknowledgment of the gifts that come when hard work and dedication are combined with Divine Will, Guidance and Love.

In current times, we are taught that the best comes from competition and through comparison, setting us at odds with each other and out of touch with our essence, genius, and innermost desires. But the Holy Day and Games of Lughnasadh present us with another perspective.

Read about the myth of Lughnasadh and experience its magic HERE.

Lughnasadh is not only a harvest festival, but also a funerary rite. The mythic origins of Lughnasadh go back to the days of early Ireland when the gods and goddesses walked and worked the land alongside the people, fae, dragons and other creatures. As with most Holy Days, there is a masculine and feminine component - reminders of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine at play within each of us - as well as a meeting of celebration and sacrifice…

It is a time when grief and praise walk side-by-side, where the ouroboros swallows her tail and creates the circle of life. It is a celebration of gratitude for all that has been given to us, anchoring us into the now moment and clarifying the gift that is this earthwalk.

The truth is, this embodiment is a gift. And within each and everybody are many, many gifts. When we shine our light by BE-ing who we truly are, we relax a bit, let go of the “need” to control (ourselves, others, outcomes), and open to our genius, skill, and mastery to the larger whole. From here, in a state of generosity, we recognize our place in the grander scheme of things - we see how we can contribute to the betterment of All through practices of Devotion and Mastery (vs Comparison and Competition).

If you’re curious about going deeper into this inquiry and lived experience, join the Master Class, From Competition & Comparison to Devotion & Mastery I co-created with Cinnamon Rose. The Master Class will support you in shifting from the constraints of competition and comparison to the true freedom of devotion and mastery. You will learn Energy Practices to reclaim your personal will, drive, discipline and devotion, and a mudra to create a physical blueprint for claiming your best and brightest. We will conclude with a guided meditation to discover your personal areas of genius, and dream into the next steps in your devotion to the mastery of the gifts you’ve been given!

Here’s a sneak peak at the mudra practice: GARUDA MUDRA.

Lughnasadh Love & Blessings,

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