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When ME Serves WE {Aquarius Full Moon}

The Moon is waxing into fullness tonight - look to the sky! Since the last full moon, I’ve been sharing about the Lughnasadh journey from Competition and Comparison to Devotion & Mastery. One of my friends shared her workplace mini altar inspired by the theme and it’s just fantastic!


I love the playfulness of it!

Here’s the link for the class, which includes a pdf guidebook, journal prompts, 4 guided meditations (lower chakra clearing practices and a guided journey), and a mudra video:

From Comparison & Competition to Devotion & Mastery

A remembrance and reflection for all of us on the journey from Competition & Comparison to Devotion & Mastery: We are tender and we are fierce. We have the capacity to feel deeply and respond appropriately.

Some of us are Warriors, marching on the front lines. Some of us are Dreamers, weaving invisible webs to catch the fighters. Some of us are Artists, envisioning, inspiring and remembering. All of us are Lovers, coming together to create a more compassionate world for All.

Be courageous, Warriors of Light, Dreamers of Night, Artists of the Betwixt and Between, Lovers of All. Gather your tools - your words, your dreams, your visions, your actions and response-abilities. Move beyond the instinct to fight or withdraw, compare or compete; and open to a new way of communicating, seeing, sharing and connecting. 

As the Lughnasadh portal peaks with this Aquarius Full Moon, we experience the Leo Sun/Aquarius Moon axis - a focus on individuality and community, personal and collective, where ME serves WE. When the ME and WE come together and resolve any apparent conflicts, the luminous individual (Leo) is in full service of the Whole (Aquarius). As this happens, our thinking mind is illuminated by the heart, renewing hope, possibility, and empowerment to live in a new way - with Self and Other. 

The mental veils of illusion and delusion are pulled back, and we can look beneath the superficial delusional layers and unconscious patterns of separation. We are asked to show up in a new way, to be proactive and truly create the world we Dream of by sharing our Mastery with full hearted Devotion!

I’m here with you, celebrating you and all of your glory! 

Lughnasadh Full Moon Blessings,
Jennifer Marie Lane

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Approaching Mabon

Approaching Mabon

Lughnasadh Invitation

Lughnasadh Invitation