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and soon, the balance shifts...

@ 1:20am early morning on the 23rd of September, 2015, the Sun moves into Libra. This is the astrological moment of the Autumn Equinox, Mabon, when the day and night, the light and dark, the feminine and masculine are equally balanced. Traditionally, Mabon is a time of thanks giving. Yet, on this night, I feel less an air of celebration and more a deep call to look to the Earth and respond to Her needs. Now begins the dark half of the year...



But tired of land, we open ourselves to oceans, tired of time
we give back all that we’ve taken, tired of ourselves
we open ourselves to ourselves at last, sensing the waves
and great abyss of the sea beyond, the ocean stretching on sand
and the long view on the still sea that leads to another life.

And we go out as the fish go out, leaving the taste
of the rivers we know, joining the dark invisible weight
of what we would become, the calm sense of movement
seeing the others forming our shoals, and the scales
on our sides filling the depth with trembling stars.

And so says the Earth to the Sun, as She tilts further away, leaning into the night. For just a moment, all will be in balance, and then the tides turn, and then the tides turn. 

As the balance shifts, dream a new dream. A dream for you. A dream for Gaia. A dream for All. May it be well for you and all of yours, this dark half of the year, this Dreaming time. 

blessed be.

sweet dreams,


Mabon Sunset 2015

Mabon Sunset 2015

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