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the dream oracle sessions: BEAUTY WAY: freedom & boundaries

the dream oracle sessions: BEAUTY WAY: freedom & boundaries

session 8

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes, and thank you for your Dreams.

Over two months have passed since I last posted a dream oracle, and within that time, countless highs and lows. This week’s dream speaks to the polarity of this Earthwalk, and the way we discover, negotiate and transcend boundaries along the way home. 

It was brought to my attention that I tend to swim in deep and sometimes strange waters when it comes to dream exploration. The exact words were, “Jennifer, what are you smoking?” Well, short answer: yoga, continuum, bodywork, meditation, ritual and dedicated study with incredible teachers and friends have definitely shifted/shaped my perspective on life and dreams…If you feel like you’re drowning here, or in your own Dreamtime, no worries. I am in the process of creating an online course and e-book to teach you more about dreaming practices. Message me if you’re interested.

Now, onto the dream, which is her dream, your dream, my dream, our dream…

 we dream of the BEAUTY WAY: freedom & boundaries

 I feel fearful. I am at my God parents’ home and am dressed provocatively. I am being sexually harassed, though I am only touched once on the breast. An old friend (who life has been unkind to) questions me about trying to seduce an old boyfriend of hers. I say no, I didn’t try to seduce him, and he'll be back at 7. She says okay, and leaves.  I am left alone with the abusers. They try to rape me, but I easily lift off into the air and fly comfortably high into very clear blue air.

 I come upon a young handsome Asian man who is struggling to fly. I place myself on top of him, and with arms and legs outstretched, I help him fly. He tires, so I suggest we stop and rest. There is an unwritten rule that we transcend time when we fly, while time back on earth stands still. As we land, a brief, soft, innocent attraction passes between us.

 As the watcher of this dream, I am delighted that we are able to get a very plush expensive hotel room with ease. His credit card is accepted and no one questions why we have no clothes or baggage. We stop at the hotel restaurant, and then go to the gift shop.

The gift shop is closed, but management opens it for us. I am thrilled to discover that they sell Clinique, Guerlain, and a French skin and body care line. I grab everything; so does he. It adds up to $5,600. Again, this is all okay. My last thoughts are about having clean underwear, and how in the dream, I found another “flyer” who acknowledges my abilities.

the BEAUTY WAY oracle...

"Cloud Castle" by Natalia Skorokhodt (this is close to my imagination's version of the Dream Hotel)

"Cloud Castle" by Natalia Skorokhodt (this is close to my imagination's version of the Dream Hotel)

The dreamer consciously or unconsciously writes, “God parents,” indicating these figures are not just godparents…These are the parents of God. As I dream into this dream, I found myself suddenly in the presence of the Old Testament God and/or the Greco-Roman gods and goddesses who tyrannically exact punishment for the slightest deviances. This is the old way, the patriarchal way, the way that is no longer congruent with freedom and Beauty.

Traditionally, godparents are chosen to lovingly guide a child’s spiritual education. In the dream, the spiritual education is forced or imposed, not respectful of the dreamer’s choice. This is symbolized by the sexual harassment - another's will being forced without consent.

Reflect on your spiritual education at different phases of your life. Was spirituality forced on you? Or were you allowed to open to the Sacred through curiosity and exploration?

Another layer of this dream speaks to the healing of past traumas and sexual-emotional-physical abuse. It is important to acknowledge this, and allow a healing energy to permeate through those layers of personal, collective and global abuse. The rape of the feminine – young girls, women, goddesses, Gaia – is a devastating truth throughout this world. In the dream, they only touch the breast – only the soft pillow that nourishes young and innocent life...

In many cases, the feminine has been shamed and blamed for her Beauty.  The Dreamer's provocative dress is a perhaps a darker side of that evokes primal instincts. There is an unspoken invitation to look, to come close, possibly to touch. This activates older parts of our brain – emotions/instincts/desires that know no moral or ethical bounds.

Look within yourself and out into the world. Open your eyes to the ways the feminine within and without has been abused/oppressed/suppressed…blamed and shamed...for her Beauty, for her Wild Soul...

The old friend is an aspect of the dreamer/you/me (as are all elements of a dream). This is a known part that has suffered, and is now seeking understanding or retribution for the betrayal of her anima-inner masculine-protector.

Kindly, turn to that part of you that feels betrayed. Tell that part, I didn’t betray you. Or, if you have, say a prayer of forgiveness for the betrayer and betrayed. Allow all parts of yourself to feel heard, then to go.

The dream encourages us to be free from patterns of abuse and misunderstanding. Fly…into the clear blue air, to freedom, to unbounded creativity, free from the laws of gravity, the laws of this world, the laws of karma and suffering of the past...into the realm of Sky.

Sky is associated with the element of AIR, the archetypes of the Maiden (young feminine) and Puer (young masculine), and the East (reinforced by the young Asian man – from the East). In this realm, we are all playful and wise in our innocence. We are made new, free from the grime, the blame, the shame, the karma that weighs us down. We see each other and help each other as children do.

In this space of Limitless power there is Limitless healing. Open to your own power and healing, and in that way, see and uplift those who are in need of your help.

We arrive at a luxe hotel without clothes, without baggage – the freedom of Sky stays with us even as we land. This is a magical hotel, a place to rest and rejuvenate. We are welcome in this space in between - we are nourished and provided for in every way. The skin and body care products set the tone for a new phase of the journey – the Beauty Way. Skin is the interface with the world – new skin products cultivate clean, clear boundaries.

How are your boundaries?

In life, we may feel limited by finances, and we can either overdo or underdo in our relationship to money – spending ourselves into debt that drains our life energy, or saving so frugally that we feel no enjoyment in the pleasures of life and the beautiful experiences and things money can buy.

Yet, in this Dream, we can buy anything and everything. Everything goes on the card – charged. To charge, in a magical sense, is to infuse with energy. This dream is emphasizing the polarity and the play between boundless freedom and boundaries. No questions asked – no credit limit – undoubted credentials – limitless... 

What is your relationship to abundance? Wealth? Debt? Do you feel joy and gratitude, or blame and shame?

The clean underwear is tied into this energy of boundaries, as well. The dream gives us a fresh pair, a fresh start, reinforcing this new phase of the journey. The transformation – the Beauty Way – is more than skin deep.

“Thinking and acting in a Beauty Way completely shifts your perception of life. You move from victim mode – everything bad happens to me – or judging mode – this is great, this sucks – to curiosity and a desire to discern the truth. That is Walking in Beauty. Living more authentically, in a way that your Spirit dictates.” – Ana Forrest, yoga teacher and healer

In the end, the Dreamer acknowledges the significance of this shift toward the Beauty Way. It is a huge moment in life to recognize yourself in the company of other flyers, helpers, healers, dreamers, co-creators and magic-makers.

Through our deepest wounds, we can dream into a brighter future. Through our dreams, we can shift the trajectory of our lives, and the life of all beings on Gaia. This is dreaming as a sacred act. This is dreaming as soul calling us home to our original nature of wholeness and limitless possibility. This is dreaming, walking, flying, creating, loving in the Beauty Way.

“There is an unwritten rule that we transcend time when we fly, while time back on earth stands still.”

May each of you fly, and in your flight, find all the love and support you need.

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dream tip: the space between

Practice attentive stillness in that time between waking and sleeping, sleeping and waking…Put the phone on airplane mode if you use it as an alarm, or better yet, keep the phone outside of your bedroom. Give yourself quiet moments without the intrusion of brightly lit screens. Open yourself to what is present in the space between. In this space, ask a question. Upon waking, record your dream(s), or if you cannot recall a dream, write down your first thoughts/feelings. Reflect on your dreams/thoughts/feelings and your question later in the day or several days later…What do you notice?

blessing: ho’oponopono prayer

A prayer of forgiveness for all those people and parts that feel wounded, betrayed, lonely, angry…

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

blessed be.

sweet dream...


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