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the dream oracle sessions: AIR (& calling in session 2: FIRE)

session 1: AIR

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes. And thank you for your dreams of AIR. Make a pot of tea, sit back, and enjoy some Sunday reading...

For this dream oracle session, the dreams asked me to gather them together into One Dream.

Dreams come from a vast realm that Carl Jung labeled the collective unconscious. They are filtered through the layers of our individual souls, personalities, experiences and memories. When we reweave our individual dreams together, we cocreate a new collective consciousness. In this way, we mend the broken tapestry of consciousness, so that we here, dream together once more.

One more thing before we soar into the dream of AIR: With dream exploration, there is no right way, and what is true for me may not necessarily be true for you. There is only the way that serves, that heals, that brings us together once more into wholeness. Nobody really knows all the wisdom contained in a dream. All we can do is help unravel the secret codes and messages that are held within.

we dream of AIR

I fly through the sky, and at first am afraid of falling as I dip into the endless space below me. But then, I catch the wind in my wings and I soar through the air – an indescribable feeling of freedom and space.

I am (in) pure white formless space. I see a circle inscribed in black – holding within it the same white space. A man in a flowing robe stands on the circle – he looks like Jesus with shoulder-length wavy brown-black hair and a strong back. His arms are spread open towards the East. He is warm and comforting and has presence. There is no sound and nothing else. Only this: the space, the man and the circle. A wind begins to blow. 

I reach towards him and he says he is holding space for me...I feel peaceful and free, elemental and ethereal.

I am pregnant, full and round. My beloved and I are together now, preparing for the birth of our child, but we do not have insurance. One of the doctors is so sweet, and generously offers to pay for the birth. At first, I have a hard time accepting his generosity, because I am not poor, and I have a college degree!

I am walking on air, hovering inches above the ground. My feet never touch the ground. I am light as a feather. The feeling is intoxicating, so much so that I do not want to wake up.

I give birth to a baby boy named Sky.

the dream oracle sessions: session 1: AIR.

the dream oracle sessions: session 1: AIR.

the AIR oracles…

“I feel very calm, peaceful and free.” This is often true of flying or floating dreams, and they can come as beautiful blessings. Some say these flying dreams actually raise seratonin levels in the body! We may be seeing things through a new perspective, with far sight and higher consciousness. And, we may also be flying off the handle, feeling ungrounded, or escaping some kind of danger.

Check in with your waking life feelings and personal associations…What is true for you? 

The pure white formless space symbolizes pure potential. A portion of this space is defined by a circle. The circle is a symbol of wholeness - it is whole and complete, yet retains its basic identity as pure energy. I am whole and complete. The circle is also an ovum, the first cell, the beginning, where form and formlessness exist together.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

He, who is the Christ figure on Earth is here, floating in the space of the Divine Shakti. He reaches to the East, the direction of sunrise, the direction of newness and creation. More is being cocreated – this cocreation brings together the Sacred Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and a third...

What are you cocreating? Who are you cocreating with?

His robe is flowing and the wind (Spirit) is moving. This is the first divine breath of inspiration. We reach out to that which holds us and is always present.

What are you reaching for? 

The wind also symbolizes the 3 Fates – Birth, Life, Death – that which is behind the flying; that which lifts, propels, sustains high spirits, passion, and creativity; that which lets us down as well – gently or roughly with a hard bump or crash of death. When we fly, we are high above the realm of Nature – we are experiencing the supernatural realms! AND…when we are flying close to the Earth (or water), hovering just above, we are bringing these supernatural realms into the world. It is a very good thing.

What are you bringing down to earth?

Gaia is full and ripe, pregnant with her gift to the world. She is “not poor” – she is abundantly generous in the giving and receiving of energy.  This is a retelling of the creation story, where Gaia gives birth to everything - everything comes through Her. 

I/you/we also have amazing gifts to offer the world, and even though there is no insurance (no guarantee) I/you/we are fully supported by the "doctor" within our own consciousness - the healer, the teacher, the inner authority. 

She/I/you/we give(s) birth to a little boy named SKY. Sky, who is the Sacred Masculine: vast, expansive and eternal, while at the very same time, so very delicate and tender, needing the love of the Mother – Gaia, the Divine Feminine. 

What new ideas are you birthing into the world? What is your relationship with Mother Gaia and Father (Son) Sky?

embrace space

So, here we are in this radiant emptiness, this vast space of pure consciousness and pure potential. There is a sense of the great unknown, limitless, boundless and supreme. Breathe it all in: the inner and outer, the betwixt and between, the formless and infinite

The radiance of space permeates the body
And all directions simultaneously.
Space is always here,
Already here before your noticing of it.
What we call space is presence,
Permission to exist,
And worlds within which to express.
Without thinking about it,
Without forming mental images,
Rest in this vast expanse,
Friends with infinity.
(Lorine Roche, The Radiance Sutras, Yukti 20)

Look to the East. Spread your arms wide open. Invoke the blessing and inspiring presence of the element of AIR: guides allies, spirit beings, puer and puella, playfulness, creativity, inspiration, and informed innocence. Greet the rising sun, the dawn of a new day, a fresh perspective. Take a deep breath, and let it all out. Shift out of fear, and feel that incredible sense of Oneness, spaciousness and freedom as you open the wings of your heart and fly.

Oh, and a little levity (pun intended) from a friend: AIR also presents as snoring, burping, passing gas. Yes, all that. So, let us agree not to be censored by ideas of prettiness as we share our Dreams. A pretty picture is just that – a two-dimensional illusion with no real depth or shadow. Breadth and depth, high and low – this is all part of our third dimensional playground!

Please share your reflections/insights/musings with us through the Comment section just below this post.

session 2: FIRE

Now, we call in FIRE for session 2 of "the dream oracle sessions".

Warriors, Lovers, passionate sex, desire, wildfire, volcanoes erupting or sleeping, flushing, candlelight, eternal flame, sun & stars, Phoenixes diving into fire & rising out of ashes, burning to the ground, ignite, destroy, initiate, transform, the LIGHT.

the dream oracle sessions: session 2: FIRE

the dream oracle sessions: session 2: FIRE

Share a dream of FIRE (scroll down to the bottom of the page). I’m excited to receive your Dreams!

dream tip

If you do not yet have a dream journal, I invite you to find one that speaks to you. Keep it at your bedside along with a pen and flashlight (or one of those fancy flashlight pens!). Begin recording your dreams, even if you only remember a fragment, an image, a feeling, a song lyric…be kind to the fragments.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen the previous post, introducing the dream oracle sessions, please check it out, so you know how these dream oracle sessions are organized.

a blessing & offering

The breath carries the spirit of life – it is a very real connection to the unseen world – where we come from, where we go, and where we are held every moment of our lives.

Stand with your feet apart, firmly planted on the Earth. Bring to mind your offering, your gift to the world. Exhale into your open palms, then spread your arms and lift up your offering to the Sky and to the Highest Good for all beings everywhere. Remember the sacred way we are all woven into Life. Do this 3 times.

Blessed be.

sweet dreams…


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