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the dream oracle sessions: ALCHEMY

the dream oracle sessions: ALCHEMY

session 9

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes, and thank you for your Dreams.

Sometimes all we can remember from our nighttime dreams is a single image or a phrase. The images or words seem to float in murky waters, and we find ourselves grasping for more, then possibly thinking that we aren’t “good” Dreamers. Well, today’s oracle will hopefully show you that a snippet can be just as potent as an epic Dream. I like to think about these Dream fragments like an amuse-bouche at a fancy restaurant…there is more complexity, satisfaction and depth in the tiniest bite, than in the most elaborate main course!

we dream of ALCHEMY

 I awake with these words: “Black and gold coagulate.”

 (yes, that’s the whole Dream!)

 the ALCHEMY oracle…

Baphomet  by Eliphas Levi, French occultist...note "SOLVE" and "COAGULA" inscribed on his arms..

Baphomet by Eliphas Levi, French occultist...note "SOLVE" and "COAGULA" inscribed on his arms..

These words, “black and gold coagulate,” sweep us right into the realm of alchemy. Alchemy is an esoteric and enigmatic science of refining base metals into gold, or extracting gold from the prima materia of our lives.

Alchemy is also a science of consciousness. Consciousness can be distilled into 3 movements/moments: Union, Oneness, undifferentiated wholeness --> individualization, differentiation, manifestation --> destruction, dissolution, reintegration, Reunion. We create through dissolution, time and time again...through the Black and the Gold.

Black is the fertile earth. Black is the shadow, death, darkness, night. Black is the unrefined coal, the “pre-diamond”, the fuel for Power. Black is the Void, the Abyss, the Goddess.

Feel into what Black represents for you…are you drawn to Black or repulsed by it?

Gold is extracted from the black fertile earth. Gold is a bright, shining, precious gift. Gold is royal power, wealth and privilege. Gold is the refined light of the Sol (sun) or soul, the essence of self, the Christ consciousness.

Feel into what Gold represents for you…

To coagulate is to change forms, to transmute from liquid into solid. In alchemy, gold is the final process of coagulation. A well-known alchemical mantra for this creation of gold is solve et coagula. Solve is the process of separation or dissolution, and coagula is the process of union. In other words, solve is war and coagula is love.

SOLVE: What must be broken down, or what is already in the process of breaking down?

COAGULA: What is being created out of the ashes and disparate pieces?

As you can see and feel, black and gold are symbols of incredible Power. When these two come together, there is magic: Black and gold coagulate into a third form, sharing some of their properties, but also entirely different: a new solid, a new form, a new reality. The coal, when burned, creates an incredible heat that can melt gold. This liquid gold can then be shaped into any possible form.

Step into this fire and let all that you are, all that you have, and all that is, melt into pure gold. 

Each day we have the opportunity to work with the black and the gold of our lives, to dissolve into the Abyss and to create Beauty, Love & Magic. You are now at the center, the heart of the matter, so to speak…the heart of gold. What will you craft?

dream tip

When you wake in the morning, keep still for just a moment longer. Tenderly hold your dreams close, especially the fragmented images and words, acknowledging the places you traveled, the beings you encountered, and the wisdom you gathered. Whisper thank you


Live for a few days in the meditation,

“I am immersed in the flame –

The flame of time,

The flame of love,

The flame of life.

The universal fire flows through me.”

Step into that fire wholeheartedly,

Starting with the big toe,

Then surrendering everywhere.

Only the not-self,

Which doesn’t exist anyway,

Burns away.

Attend to this continually,

And awaken into tranquility.

Your essence is renewed in the flame,

For it is flame and knows itself as flame

Since the first heartbeat of creation.

(Lorine Roche, The Radiance Sutras, Yukti 29)


blessed be.

sweet dream...


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