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44. mystical musing: As Within, So Without...

(inspired by the Gemini Sun of 2017)

The Gemini New Moon on Thursday, May 25 initiated a lunation that will carry us through Summer Solstice on June 20 - the height of the Sun’s brilliance and radiance. I find this time of year especially poignant, for as we approach the peak of light, we also approach a turning point. 

For now, we are in the waxing time of the Moon and Sun, so let us turn towards the light shining in this sometimes overwhelming darkness and unconsciousness. Carl Jung wrote: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” This, i believe, is the work of Alchemy, and Alchemy is the High Magic associated with Gemini. Alchemy is also our personal magic to take what we’ve been given and choose how we will work with it in this material realm. 

As within, so without. As our thoughts/inner reality, so our life/outer reality. Our souls are interwoven with the universe; above and below; here, now and forever. The personal is a fractal hologram of the collective. At times, this can be disorienting, especially if you, like me, have Piscean/watery tendencies to merge.

So, i am finding that time out in nature is becoming more and more necessary as a way to re-member the parts of me. My husband and i spent three glorious weeks in Yosemite, and are just now returning to the Bay Area. 

Feeling my interconnection with trees, rocks, mountains, water, sky and animals is much more soothing than feeling my interconnection with concrete, buildings, cell phones, and computers. Nature is a balm, a breath of fresh air, amidst the ongoing race and “advancement” of “civilization”. Nature and Beauty are essential for the preservation of the Soul.

May we remember to every now and again, Pause. For just one sacred moment. Turn towards the light and the darkness as they are, as we are. Pray for your fellow humans, all sentient beings and Gaia, Herself. 


* The Guided Meditation this week is a meditation on “Being With What Is” - available for all patrons of Beauty, Love & Magic. 

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