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43. mystical musing: A Prayer for the Broken Hearts

(inspired by a crying heart)

Well, i had another plan for today’s musing, but my heart is broken. You have likely, too, read the stories of the brave men who were killed while protecting two young girls and standing against hate. 

This is a time of increasing polarization, with growing fanaticism near and far. May our hearts not grow weary, nor our senses numbed  by all that we are seeing and hearing and feeling. May we instead let the light pour in and out through these broken fragments of our hearts. 

May we come together in our tender brokenness and hold each other as we cry. May we pray for healing, pray for those who are suffering, and pray for a shift in our trajectory. May this planet become a haven for the children and all of us.  


* The Guided Meditation will be posted tomorrow after i have a moment of sacred pause to process these feelings moving through. It will be available for patrons of Beauty, Love & Magic on Patreon.


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