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42. mystical musing: Walk Your Own True Path

(inspired by Mars/Pluto transit on May 19, 2017)

Since January i have been in a deep time of questioning, coming to terms with disenchantments and disappointments, finding my way through and forward, and learning not to make others wrong in favor of my rights. 

It has been a rite of passage - one not easily, gracefully or skillfully taken at times, but most definitely liberating and empowering. I know it is personally associated with this journey towards motherhood, and can feel a bigger picture connection with the transformational path of individuation, which is why i share it here with you. 

One of my sistars, Divine Harmony, a phenomenal astrologer wrote this week about a Mars/Pluto transit (on 5/19/17): “Being willing to question structures/foundations/traditions in our lives is key, as excavation around the underlying dynamics present is possible.” This begs the questions: Are you willing to go underneath? Are you willing to see into the shadows, past the point of disillusionment and into full lucidity?

Sometimes this process brings you into confrontation with your own deep, dark shadows. Sometimes you must come to terms with the shadows you see in others - loving them and keeping them close, or loving them and stepping away.

This earth walk is full of paradoxes. For every bit of light and substance there is a shadow. There are parts of us that act in service of the Soul with no concept of right/wrong. These parts are not afraid to break with expectations; they are not afraid to make “mistakes”. 

A few years ago i was told that mistakes are portals to freedom. As a recovering perfectionist this was hard to integrate - still is. How is it possible that mistakes and missteps take us further along the path?! How can mistakes and missteps be in service of a Higher Good?!

The “missteps” carry us into uncharted lands where we discover new layers of our being and new ways of moving in and through life. This is a journey of radical trust and courage. 

It’s time to break free from the encrusted patterns and habitual grooves of thinking and (re)acting. It’s time we stop being victims, and recognize our inherent strengths and weaknesses. You are not who you are despite of your experiences - however graceful or traumatic they may have been -  but because of them. 

Bless the past and move forward along your true path. Through blessing, you take the power back in a most gracious way. Through blessing, you see the possibility of freedom even in the most challenging circumstances. Through blessing, you move in the direction of your Soul and allow others to do the same.   

Many Blessings,

* The Guided Meditation is a Blessing Practice. Available for Beauty, Love & Magic makers and dreamers on Patreon. You can do this sitting quietly, or moving about in the world. Make this a regular practice, modifying it as you go about your day and night, and experiencing the inner/outer transformations. Blessed Be.  

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