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40. mystical musing: Honeybees

(inspired by the Beltane Season of 2017)

This Beltane season has been alive with honeybees buzzing about in friendly sort of ways, hitching rides on purses, lighting upon picnic blankets, and pausing to taste the flowers. The honeybee is a Beltane ally, reminding us to not only enjoy the sweetness of life, but to also do the good work. 

Many of us are like the honeybee searching for nectar. We go from flower to flower, gathering tidbits of this and that, pollinating, imbibing, but perhaps not completely digesting the information coming in. This is lovely, and there’s more. 

The honeybee’s work is not just taking delight in her senses. This is only part of her near-consent work - as is our studentship. At a certain point, it is time to return, bringing the gifts we have gathered from here and there and everywhere, and offering them in service to the Queen and Her hive’s entire welfare. 

It is here, upon the return, that the honeybee creates a golden elixir that will provide nourishment for ALL. Gold, color of the Soul’s essence, symbol of alchemical transformation. Out of the raw comes the glory. 

Being here now, we are called to serve, to do the work, the good work, the Great Work. This means courageously facing the world and seeing what is here and now, as well as what is possible. In this space, anything can happen. The winds can and do turn. In due time. And seemingly suddenly.

So, bee you, original and true. Bee open to the unexpected, within and without. Expand who you think you are. Expand your scope of service in the world. There is work to be done. 

As we work, may we remember the honeybee and her “sweet” job of collecting nectar and serving her Queen. Day in and day out, she gathers, churns and returns. 

What is your devotion? What do you do on a daily basis that serves? What do you do that does not serve, but rather idles the day away? What is your rhythm and routine? How do you serve the Queen(s) of your life?

Beltane Blessings,

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* There is so much more to share about the honeybees, and this musing just barely begins to tap into their Magic…so, needless to say, there is more to come!

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