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41. mystical musing: Nest-Fallen

(inspired by the Scorpio Full Moon of 2017)

On the morning after the Scorpio Full Moon i stepped outside and found a dead baby bird just a few paces from my front door. This little one must have fallen from his nest in the cypress trees. His delicate pink skin barely had the fuzzy down that would have one day turned into feathers for flight. He was soon wrapped in a leaf and buried in the earth along with contemplations on meaning… 

Why now? Why this? Why birth? Why death? A blessing or a curse?

Scorpio is concerned with that which lies underneath. It is a deeply penetrating sign that takes us into the realm of sex, death and transformation. Scorpio also reminds us that life is not just about becoming intimate with the light - peace, joy, connection, compassion, expansion, empowerment - but also with death, tragedy, loss, rage, misuse of power, and other things that lurk in the shadows.

Here’s the other piece: the Scorpio full moon last week was balanced by a Taurus sun. We are still under the influence of Taurus, earth-bound in the best of ways. We are encouraged to find delight through our senses and experience the joy of embodiment.

Yes, it’s easy to fall into despair - nest-fallen like the little bird. But, our work is to find and feel compassion, committing full-heartedly to being here now and walking on this earth, surrounded by other angels who have not yet again sprouted feathers. 

Truly, we are wired for compassion and empathy, even in the depths of despair. Bring to the light of consciousness the Mysterious realm of magic and delight that lives in this space between. Perceive the world through the heart of the Mystic. This, as John O’Donohue Irish poet and mystic writes, “is the threshold where blessing comes alive.” 

So, perhaps it is not a fall from grace that we experience in coming here, but a fall into compassion. Are you willing to risk everything for freedom? Gaia was, and still is with every birth and every death. 


* The Guided Meditation this week helps us cultivate kindness and compassion. The passage i quote from John O’Donohue is below. Available for the Beauty, Love & Magic makers for a small monthly donation via Patreon.

“To be born is to be chosen. To be created and come to birth is to be blessed. Some primal kindness chose us and brought us through the forest of dreaming until we could emerge into the clearance of individuality, with a path of life opening before us through the world. The beginning often holds the clue to everything that follows. Given the nature of our beginning, it is no wonder that our hearts are imbued with longing for beauty, meaning, order, creativity, compassion, and love…This is the threshold where blessing comes alive.” (From “Kindness: The First Gift” by John O’Donohue)


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