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18. mystical musing: Truth Seeker

(inspired by the Sagittarius New Moon of 2016)

We are in the first few days of a new lunation ushered in by the energy of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a visionary and truth seeker, so the energy of the recent new moon with both Sun and Moon in Sadge infuses this whole “moonth” with a quest for Truth. 

Here is a window into my journey as a truth seeker…

One of my greatest desire in this life is gnosis - direct connection to Source. Gnosis is the motivation behind most all of my practices of body, mind, heart and spirit. In this quest, i read books upon books, listen to teachings from many different traditions, meditate, practice yoga, dance…everything. My husband will tell you that the reason we have such poor gas mileage in our RV is my books! They are companions on the journey.

And…i wonder if books and blogs and workshops and classes can become crutches to our own sense of knowing? I was on my knees, praying my heart out the other night, pleading with the Universe to show me its/Her/His benevolence. Give me a sign! Talk to me! Tell me that there’s more than just these thoughts. I want to know that there is more to life than what i can see and what i’ve been told. I want to feel the Truth of love. 

We all have at least some of this longing in our cells. The longing can be activated by times of stress internally, externally and cosmically. Stress when used well serves growth. I challenge you, as i challenge myself, to live in the paradox of Truth, which holds both connection and freedom, knowing and not-knowing. 

How do you know that the Unseen is real? How do you know the Universe is a benevolent force? How do you experience Truth? Can you believe? Can you trust? Can you feel? That life is for you, not against you. 

Attune to the tiniest sliver of light as the moon begins to wax. Moonth after moonth, without end, she waxes and wanes, circling the heavens. Come to your breath, that which physiologically and energetically connects us across time and space. Deep sigh. Remember the blessings inherent in the space of body, breath, life and one another. There is more. And this is enough. If nothing else, have faith in that. 

May you be a blessing. May your life serve the highest and deepest of all beings everywhere. 



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