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17. mystical musing: Wired for Compassion

We are wired for compassion.

May we all remember this. May we receive the world through our hearts - tender, vulnerable, loving, generous and compassionate. May we open the eyes of our hearts to perceive what is truly needed. May we choose to serve through sacred activism and loving kindness.

May we respond to the call to serve the highest and deepest. For many, this call is getting louder and more persistent. For many, a deep fear is looming over and moving through. 

So, how do we find the energy to serve in a time of increasing stress? How do we build bridges of love and compassion rather than walls of fear and defense?

Of course, when survival is at stake, fear is a temporary source of energy. Its purpose is to get us out of a life-threatening situation. But, be wary of relating to life as a threat. It will sap our resources and build walls around our hearts. 

We cannot build strong enough walls, and if we attempt to do so, we will inevitably die of starvation. The soul cannot survive, let alone thrive in isolation. Instead of fear as fuel for further isolation, may we be resourced in Love and generosity. 

Be open to the way life moves through you. Create moments of conscious surrender within each day. In this way, awaken to the possibility of a whole new way of being and engaging with yourself and this world. 

Widen your perception. Feel the inner and outer edges of your eyes relax. Draw in more light and shadow through a soft receptive gaze. Turn towards vulnerability. Turn towards generosity. Turn towards life. 

Ask yourself: What can i do today to be my highest and deepest self? How can i be of compassionate service?

No act of kindness is too small. 
Be vulnerable.
Be compassionate.
Be generous.
Be a blessing. 

* The Guided Meditation this week brings you into the Heart of Compassion. 



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