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25. mystical musing: Imagination

(inspired by Aquarius Sun 2017)

Everyday in every way life is imagining itself into being. Pause for a moment and bathe in the light of your imagination and dreams. Bathe in moonbeams and sun rays. Nourish the seeds of destiny with the full spectrum of light and darkness as you remember who you are. 

Your body is fertile ground, your dreams are the seeds within the ripening fruits of your desires. Life is fed by these fruits of your imagination, and your imagination has a power beyond your wildest imagining ;) It’s more than a fantasy. 

My challenge for myself and for you, if you so choose, is to shift from fantastical thinking to imaginal being. In _Dispelling Wetiko_, Paul Levy writes of imagination: “If we lack imagination, our creative imagination, instead of serving our fulfillment, is then perversely being used against us in crippling ways that dramatically reduce our human potential.” 

However, we only imagine that we are lacking in imagination, and if we can acknowledge that, then we reclaim the power of imagination! Read that again. The “SOULution” is in the apparent problem itself, or recognizing that it’s not a problem after all, just a matter of perception. 

Activate the full capacity of your mind - audacious and unreasonable, as well as logical and rational. As i often say, anything can happen, everything is possible. Truly. So, what if we all could shift from orienting to ourselves and each other through filters of what we think we know to an unobstructed truth of the unknown? What possibilities could open from this place of Mystery? 

As CG Jung suggests: “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 

The awakening is not just a personal process of redemption from suffering and chaos - in truth, no one can be free unless we are all free. So, when we begin to see the light glowing behind our closed eyes and that restlessness of a new kind of knowing sourced in imaginative being, we have a greater responsibility to life - to nourish, to love, and to serve.

Blessed be. 
Jennifer Mare Lane

* The Guided Meditation this week is the third of a chakra series connecting us with the downward current of manifestation. We connect with the third eye chakra. Available for Beauty, Love & Magic makers HERE.


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