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24. mystical musing: Change and Never-Changing

(inspired by the Cancer Full Moon of 2017)

Do you dream of a better, happier, more peaceful world? Do you long for magical moments of serendipity and synchronicity - infusions of inspiration? Do you chant “lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” - singing and praying and hoping for the wellbeing of all beings everywhere? 

I do! I love joining a movement for change, and seeing results in the world. I love waking up with dreams of magic and mystery. I love the feeling of kirtans - gatherings of people chanting and often dancing. I love moments of deja-vu when the invisible and visible worlds overlap. And…there’s more…

The quest (which is essentially one of meaning and belonging) can send us off for years and even lifetimes…looking, looking, looking…thinking the answer is out there somewhere or deep down inside somewhere…identifying things that need to be changed or fixed in some way…talking for days about what is wrong with us, our neighbors, our country, the world…never actually feeling fulfilled or satisfied. 

But, can we approach ourselves, each other, and the world from a spaciousness - a possibility that embraces all that is - the whole paradox of meaning? Can we shift the conversation? Can we truly come home to ourselves, fully? 

It is possible. You see, this week we are riding on the ebbing currents of the Cancer Full Moon - an energy of flux - balanced by the Capricorn Sun - an energy of stability. We are fully in the paradox of change and never-changing, which can be felt internally and perceived externally. Another sweet and powerful aspect of Cancer/Capricorn is that of nurturing and discipline - of gently “allowing for” while powerfully “standing for” - both.

We can apply this cosmic energy of Cancer/Capricorn to our lives, acknowledging the paradoxical impermanency and constancy within and around us. In this recognition is always an opportunity of belonging and becoming (and of course, Dreaming the World Awake!). From here, we choose. From here, we create.

To freedom.

* The Guided Meditation this week is the second of a chakra series connecting us with the downward current of manifestation. We connect with the crown chakra. Available for Beauty, Love & Magic makers on


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