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11. mystical musing: Volcanic

(inspired by the Aries Full Moon of 2016)
Saturday October 15, 2016 @ 9:23pm PDT

Destruction comes in service of Evolution, hand-in-hand with Creativity. When a cycle comes to an end, we often witness or experience death throws before the Phoenix rises. Holding on at this point is…toxic…Let the energy move.

Several months ago I took a group of women to Kilauea to see the lava glowing at night. As we climbed up through the mists and caught our first glimpse of the Red Sky, the power was palpable. We were truly witnessing a force of nature - emerging, burning, rising, thrilling. 

This energy resonates with the autumn eclipse season we just moved through, as well as the Aries Full Moon this week. If you feel out of sorts, you are in the flow of transformation. Don’t give up. As the lies and delusions emerge and fall away, a new way is being forged. 

Bursts of clarity and inspiration are coming in and out of existence every moment. Some are bigger than others, but please don’t sit around and wait for the Big One. What if every moment, no matter how exciting or apparently unexciting could light you up and turn you on? Breakthroughs can happen any moment. 

Gaia is pulsing, trembling, and shifting as she adjusts to energy rising from the Underworld and descending from the Cosmos. Lava is Her heart blood - a river of fire and passion.

Sometime in some way, the lava makes itself known and felt - a lake overflowing the crater edges, a fountain erupting into the sky, a river oozing from the underground…overflowing, erupting, oozing, destroying, creating.

When this process begins, there’s nothing anyone can do but move and pray. Everything in the way will be covered, incinerated, and destroyed. Know what’s in your control and what’s not. Take action when and where necessary. 

This is Grace under fire. Explosive. Destructive. Passionate. Creative. The energy is molten in the caldera of Truth. No more denial. Anything and everything is possible. 

As the lava fields cool, the hardiest seeds take root - ones that are nourished by the harsh conditions. These first seeds create conditions for future thriving. Life may not look exactly as you dream right away. There are growth stages to go through and it may take years or lifetimes, and even then it won’t be “perfect” in the sense of flawlessly organized. 

So, attend to the underlying energies, the rivers of fire, the heart blood of Gaia. What is emerging? What is flowing? What is erupting? What is burning? What is being destroyed? What is being created? Keep walking, keep flowing, keep working anyway, and do what you can today. 

Keep the flame alive. 

* The Guided Meditation this week will take you into the Caldera and Heart Blood Flow.

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