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34. mystical musing: Aries Fire

(inspired by the Aries New Moon of 2017)

New Moons, like the hours before dawn, are moments of pause and renewal. Last night, i peered up at the stars shining extra bright through the cold mountain air and moonless sky and felt a deep sigh move through my body.

Our bodies are elemental, formed of air and fire and water and earth. The air of our mind; the fire of our spirit; the water of our emotion; the earth of our bones come together in beautiful synergy with our souls. Sometimes we feel in touch with this miracle of embodiment, sometimes distant. It’s all part of the journey here on Gaia.

Each of the zodiac signs are associated with an element, and we are now under the influence of quite a bit of fire. Depending on where you are, the fire may be igniting massive creativity within and through you, or you may be feeling a little burned out. Be with it.

At the Spring Equinox on March 20, the Sun shifted from Pisces into Aries, and on March 27 the Moon joins the Sun in Aries - a fire sign. This is an invitation and initiation into a new cycle. Understand that Aries is not, by nature, a patient energy. There is a sense of Now or Never urgency that can consume rational thought and obliterate linear timeframes. 

So, if you have a strong measure of Aries in your chart, i recommend (from personal experience as one born under an Aries Sun) finding a way to creatively move your fire. The power of fire can be raw and untested, without clear boundaries between self and other. One of my favorite ways to move this energy is to turn up the music and dance - wild and untamed without choreography or purpose beyond total and utter freedom. 

Let your freedom dance stoke the inner fires. Then, place a cauldron over the fire and brew up something deeply nourishing and expansive. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired at this time, don’t worry…just add water. Hydration always helps. 

And if you don’t have a cauldron at hand, a tea mug of steaming water and herbs will do just fine. As the steam rises, conjure up a vision for the future, for becoming and belonging. May your dreams come true and may you find peace through these fiery times of initiation and transformation. 

Blessed be,

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