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35. mystical musing: An Inquiry into Love

(inspired by the Venus retrograde)

We are in the midst of Venus retrograde. Venus is a planet of love, abundance, value and relationship. A retrograde journey of any planet asks us to reflect deeply upon its qualities, and it can dredge up some heavy challenges. With Venus, you might ask:

What do i love?
What do i value?
What do i desire?
What am i attracting?
Is there coherence between what i want and what i have? If not, why not? Where is the missing link or energy leak? 

Dissolve the encrusted patterns of defense and reactivity - really, let them go. Activate your Truth with passion and courage. It might be messy. It might not. In any case, trust this: when you align with Love and live into your own Truth, Magic abounds. 

Align personal will and values with a broader, higher, deeper Value. Open to the Beauty, Love & Magic inherent in life. Remember what it is to Love and be Loved - a heart that pulses, circulating life through and through. 

Let love stir you. 

* The Guided Meditation this week is a journey into the Heart.

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