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5. mystical musing: Embody Truth, Body-Heart-Mind

(inspired by the Virgo New Mooon/Solar Eclipse of 2016 on September 1 @ 2:04am PDT and Venus/Jupiter/Mercury conjunction)

Slow down. Drop in. Feel your body. Feel your heart. Get in touch with what’s real. Then set your mind free; let your spirit soar on flights of fancy and curiosity. 

What is fantasy? What is real? What is truth? What is false? 

I have heard that fantasy is an escape from reality. But, rationalism can be an escape from the Great Mystery underlying and in-forming our realities. 

Do not fall prey to a proud mind that limits itself by what it “knows” about the world. Do not fall victim to a wounded heart or an injured body. Nourish your mind with strong doses of imaginative meanderings. Nourish your heart with loving acts of kindness. Nourish your body with a broad spectrum of movement, including stillness.

Pick up the lost and forgotten pieces of childhood innocence. Gather the broken bits and shards of shattered trust in a basket, and create majestic masterpieces of art from your life experiences.  

As you do this, you will come to know that you are not a victim of the past. You are a creator being, capable of nearly unbelievable acts of beauty, love and magic.

So, align body, heart and mind - strength, love and wisdom. Align the inner with the outer, the above with the below. Feeling, loving, thinking, knowing, living, being, breathing, dreaming…the sphere of all possibility. 

Abide regularly in the power of your hopes, dreams, fantasies and idealism. Truly, you can create anything. See truth. Know truth. Embody truth. Surrender to truth - body, heart and mind. 

And as you re-member your hopes and dreams, ask yourself: What do I long for? What do I love? What do I appreciate? Create that. Call it in. 

Blessed be.  

* The guided meditation this week will connect you to the strength, love & wisdom of Body, Heart & Mind. Usually the meditations are only for patrons, but this week is an exception because I want you all to experience the powerful alignment of your Body, Heart & Mind.

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