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4. mystical musing: Water Bearer

(inspired by the Aquarius Full Moon of 2016)

We just passed through a powerful Aquarius full moon in mid-August, and we are entering the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the water bearer journeying to and from the stars. The energy is a lofty vision of Unity channeled through practical means of Service. We are reminded to serve the highest, to break up the old, to shift from me to we, and to make a new way. 

Picture this: A woman walking down the path with two jugs of water, one in each hand. Her hips sway from side to side in gentle mesmerizing motions. She goes to the Well and fills her jugs with cool refreshing water, resting for only a moment to splash her face and arms, and to sip from her palms.

She kneels at the edge in reverence to the Water, the Source of life. Her journey to the Well is in service to her family. As she kneels, she says a prayer of gratitude and protection for her children and husband, for her mother and father, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. 

She smiles at the others gathering around her - men, women and children - each with their own families and stories. Sacred Silence. Celebrations. Challenges. Pleasantries. Gossip. Tears of Joy. Tears of sadness. 

Come to the Well, my friends. Fill whatever vessel you happen to discover, take on its shape, and learn its form from the inside out. Refresh yourself with the healing Waters. Then, pour out your vessel, pour out yourself in service to your family. Expand your idea of “family” to include more than blood relations, more than humans, and more than those you like. 

We are growing into a new version of humanity, and what it means to be part of the family of Gaia. As the song goes: “We are family!” We are connected - one to another, and all to this great and beautiful water planet. 

What are your prayers for this new humanity and this new era?

(The guided meditation that accompanies this mystical musing will bring you to the Well where you will be deeply refreshed and rejuvenated.) 



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