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13. mystical musing: Death & Rebirth

(extract from “Bewitching Samhain” - inspired by the Samhain Season of 2016)

> “It is at the guarding of thy death that I am; and I shall be.” (A.H. Leahy, _T’ain Bo Regamna_)

At Samhain, as the moon turns from waning to waxing, we move across the threshold from death to rebirth. To the Celts, death sits between one life and the next. The Goddesses of Death are also Goddesses of Rebirth. They teach us that death is not an end, but a threshold of transformation. 

Death is also woven into our experiences of Life. Truly, Life is composed of many mini deaths. On the spiritual path, we travel to and from the Underworld, falling asleep into the Dark Night, dreaming, awakening and beginning again and again and again. How we live informs how we die; and how we die while we are alive, perhaps defines our the course of our lives. 

Death walks beside us through life, a constant companion since birth. When we listen to death as an advisor, we are less prone to let the precious moments of our life go by unnoticed. We are less likely to let fear falsely rule our life and direct our destiny. We are more likely to live fully, trusting in our own nature and intuitive guidance, breaking free from the prisons of our mind and imprints of the overculture. As Rilke says, “Being here is so much.”

Life is unpredictable, death is a sure an irrevocable thing. To honor the presence of death, we can leave offerings of food and drink for the spirits of those who have passed through the veil.  We can also share their stories, and remember them with tears of joy and sorrow. In this way, we can know death not as the enemy to be shunned, but a dear friend who can grieve and celebrate alongside us as we grow, coming into and out of connection. 

The dead are near, very near to us in the air we breathe, in the substance of our bodies, and living in our blood. We are descendants and ancestors of powerful bloodlines. We are here because we have been called by the songs in our blood - even if we don’t yet know this completely or consciously.

I would say that birth and death are two of our most incredible acts of magic as embodied beings. For a soul to embody and then dissolve back into the Void is a remarkable demonstration of the Power of Love. We would do well to honor that power within, and to apprentice to it as an instigator of great change. 

Through this Mystery, we are also connected to the Mystery of Sacred Union, the intertwining of the Red and White. The Red symbolizes the blood, and the white symbolizes the life-giving milk of the Mother as well as the sperm of the Father. Together, they teach us the deep magic woven into the cycles of love, union, conception, birth, death and rebirth. 

As you set an intention for the Dark Moon and Samhain, ask for insight about what is waning and what is ready to die? Dig a grave for it. Make a choice to let that Rest in Peace. Trust in what you’ve done. Trust that you have done enough with that person, situation, or aspect of yourself. Trust that you are enough. Then ask for what you are calling in. What will the dying energies feed and nourish?

> Blood to blood, spirit to spirit Your waters flow through and through Encircle us in your loving embrace And let your blessings flow forth!

* The Guided Meditation this week is for connecting to the steady support beneath us all.

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