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14. mystical musing: Re-lease

(inspired by Samhain and the dark moon time of the year)

A phrase we hear in yoga time and time again is “let go” - i certainly have had a tendency to over-emphasize this aspect of the practice. But lately i have been reevaluating the cliche’d “let go” and wondering what is actually happening. 

Are we really letting go? If so, where are we letting go into? 

When i ask myself these questions and imagine the “let go” energy moving about unprocessed and unconscious, I see a sewage system overflowing with shit, turning the waters brown. I see a garbage dump with heaps of trash, unable to accept another scrap of paper. I see an ocean swirling with plastic islands, entrapping dolphins and suffocating turtles. I see a city encased in smog, the people coughing with blackened lungs. 

I see a subset of humanity questing after wholeness while creating holes in the very fabric of their being. See, when we “let go” perhaps we are unconsciously polluting the world with aspects of ourselves and memories of our past that we call garbage. And perhaps in doing this, we are losing valuable power and will. Perhaps we are making holes in our field and becoming a bit too porous… 

Try this on instead: re-lease. Renegotiate the contracts you’ve made with life and death - with  self and other and world and beyond. Remember, energy is neither created or destroyed; instead, it mysteriously transforms. 

Re-lease “should” to could. 
Re-lease the Me in service to the We.
Re-lease the death grip on life. 
Re-lease the karmic patterns of your lineage. 

Step into the crucible of transformation. Instead of letting go, assume responsibility for who you are - all that is, all that was, and all that could be. We are being called to a new level of spiritual adulthood - one in which we hold ourselves accountable (without blame or shame) for past actions, present circumstances and future trajectories. 

What do you wish to re-lease and repurpose? 

Oh, and one more thing…don’t let go of your ego. Enough of that.  Re-lease and reclaim your ego. You need one in order to make your own choices and be a sovereign being. 

Love and Blessings on the Journey.

* The Guided Meditation for this week brings us to the river to meet the Washer at the Ford.

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