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65. Mystical Musing: Scorpio & the Samhain Season

(excerpt from the “Bewitching Samhain 2017 Guidebook” inspired by the Samhain Season of 2017)

I apologize for a delay this week. On Saturday evening i bore witness to one of the greatest acts of Beauty, Love & Magic a woman could ever experience - i gave birth to my son, Taliesin Finn Lane, at home. He is such a precious soul, and his birth is a story that will be told one day when it is ready.

Until then…

We are at the midpoint of the Samhain season - a season that brings us into intimacy with the Mysteries of Death and Rebirth. As we enter deeper into the darkness, we may experience the radiance that pulses within. 

The Samhain Season continues from October 31 to November 18, 2017. We have just passed through a lesser known Samhain, known as Solar Samhain. This occurred sometime between November 6 and 7, when the Sun crossed through 15 degrees Scorpio. 

For you, today, an edited excerpt from the “Bewitching Samhain 2017 Guidebook”:

Samhain is influenced by the zodiac sign of Scorpio - lunar Samhain occurs when the Sun and Moon are both in Scorpio (on 11/18/17 at 3:42am PST), and solar Samhain occurs when the Sun passes through 15 degrees Scorpio (11/7-8/17). 

Scorpio is a deep, intense, secretive, seductive energy. It is one of the most magical and mysterious of signs, interested in what is hidden far beneath the surface. The veils thin and we can more easily see beyond “normal” perception into the invisible realms.

Scorpio is connected with three animal allies: Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix. 

Scorpion carries venom at the tip of its tail - a poison that can paralyze or kill. The scorpion evokes a sense of deep fear, creeping in shadows and hiding in corners. 

Eagle has incredible depth perception and can spot a small moving animal up to one mile away. The eagle searches for food, drawn to fish swimming beneath churning waters, four-legged’s running over land, as well as rotting flesh of carrion. 

Phoenix is a legendary bird, inspiring myth and magic. The phoenix has a long life cycle, and when death is near, it self-ignites to burn and be reborn. 

In Chinese astrology, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster - the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mystical bird from Egyptian cosmology, who rises from the fires of its own self-destruction. It is the highest expression of the Scorpio energy - resurrection, rebirth, renewal - continuing Afterlife and Afterdeath

We are truly in the transformational energy of the Phoenix. We will rise. But first we dive down and into the fires. First we die. And as we enter deeper into the final harvest of fall and the death of winter, the fire will continue to burn at the very heart and core of all matter.

Each evening the sun, like the Phoenix, sets in a fiery death of light at the far western horizon - the land of the Blessed. The night is a time of dreaming, a time of reviewal and renewal. We close our eyes and know not what will come through our personal and the collective Mystery. 

The forces of Mother Nature are moving in extreme ways: winds of change are blowing; fires are burning; waters are falling and flooding; stability is quaking. We are working with a fire hotter than we think we can stand. But, we can and we will. 

It is through the fiery passionate deaths and (re)births that we dream the new Earth into being. Magic is afoot!

Blessed Be,
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