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66. Mystical Musing: Dreaming as Divination

(excerpt from the “Bewitching Samhain 2017 Guidebook” inspired by the Samhain Season of 2017)

Samhain is a time of divination - seeing beyond normal perception into the Great Mystery. There are many forms of divination: tarot, runes, pendulums, divining wands, crystals, bird flight and more. Dreaming is one of your most innate forms of divination on this journey of embodiment because they come through you and live in you. You’ll need nothing but your Whole Self.

As Dreamers and Diviners, we experience embodied life as a soul journey - a mysterium tremendum et fascinans - mysterious, fascinating, delightful, painful, ecstatic, and awe-full. Dreams act as guides along the journey to Knowing Ourselves. They illuminate our greatest questions around the meaning and purpose of our lives. They unveil and reveal the creative potential of our true nature. Lost in the darkness of night, we Dream of images that give us ways to connect and reorient.

We do not have Dreams, in the sense of owning them. We are with the Dreams as we are with the moments and expressions of waking life. Dreams come to us. We are in the Dreams and we are observers of the Dreams. When we awaken, we become artists, storytellers and explorers, re-membering our nighttime journeys and reweaving the tapestry of reality.

Dreams open us to vistas far greater than anything our conscious minds could ever imagine. We receive visions of higher and deeper meaning. We witness the unfolding of unique compositions of art that reveal our personal destiny and purpose.

Dreams lend a special magic that frees us from the constraints of habitual ways of thinking and being. We swim through air and fly through water. We move with ease between the realms of sky and sea - the Heavens and the Abyss. We transmute fear into faith, and the impossible into fully realized potential. We transcend conventional linear understandings of time and space, and move through portals into different levels of reality.

Because they include and transcend our known reality, Dreams point us in the direction of our soul’s destiny, while enriching our everyday lives with symbol and myth. When we pay attention to our Dreams, we see these symbols and experience synchronicities that connect us with the Great Mystery that is present all around and within us. We begin to see ourselves and our lives through a more eternal perspective. It’s really quite marvelous.

Another way to think of Dreams is as mirrors or clear dark pools into which you gaze, completely transfixed. While your body is sleeping, your mind and spirit are enraptured. Look into the Dream mirror; see how you Dream and how you are Dreamed.

- What does your heart long for?

- What delights your spirit?

- What is your soul calling?

Dreams speak to these questions and more. They can be befuddling, inspiring, haunting, intriguing, disturbing, amusing. You will come face to face with your deepest fears, and you will also face wonders beyond your wildest imaginings. The capacity of the human mind to conjure Dreams is amazing.

Dive into the watery realm of the Great Mystery permeating the space within and around. Feel the warmth and settle into that space of deep Magic. Open to the Dreams living and awakening through you.

Dream the World Awake!

Sweet and Blessed Dreams Jennifer

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