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30. mystical musing: Resolutely Dreaming

(inspired by the Pisces New Moon-Solar Eclipse of 2017)

The Dreamers are waking up and seeing through the illusion and delusions - our own and the world’s. As we awaken, we must, as Rilke advises, be patient with all that is unsolved in our hearts. 

In this open domain of the unsolved and unknown, invoke a “destinal resolve” through your dreaming body. Identify your greatest hopes and dreams. Be clear in your resolve, but not blind to the needs of others. 

Be here in this creative space of patience and resolution, possibility and reality, universal and personal. The way forward is not yet clear. There will be hope and there will be despair, and our task is to keep dreaming. 

As we align our personal will with a greater/deeper/higher will (may my will be thy will, and thy will be done), we dream up a life of service that is also one of pleasure, a life that flows but is also connected - not through disempowered indentured servitude, but through fully empowered grounded choices and actions. 

We stand, fully present in our right and responsibility to be and have all we need to not only survive but thrive. From here, we ask the question: How can i serve you, Life? In this way our will power is fueled by soul power, and we become active dreamers - conscious vessels and agents for emergent possibilities. 

May you feel the full spectrum of life through, with, in, as, and around you - every one of your cells vibrating with consciousness, with Life, with a unique frequency of self-expression. Attune to that which flows, moves, inspires and pleasures. Keep dreaming. 

And in the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: may it be so for you; may it be so for me; may it be so for all of us. 

Sweet Dreams!
Jennifer Marie

* The Guided Meditation this week is the eighth in a chakra series connecting us with the downward current of manifestation. We connect with the root chakra. The symbol is a yellow square. Available for the Beauty, Love & Magic patrons.

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