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29. mystical musing: Immerse in This

These days life is consistently reminding me to immerse myself in the day-to-day, and find the magic that is here among us. Be here now! It’s such a cliche, but wow, those experiences of pure presence are exquisite.

You see, even the mundane moments create opportunities for deeper connection to the Living Mystery. Nurture awareness of those moments - ones not captured in pictures: the sound of water flowing down a drain; the warmth of connection with dear friends; the soft breath of a beloved in sleep; the touch of sun and wind and rain on skin. 

You will see that these moments are not so mundane, after all. Every moment, every breath, every touch, has the power to nourish our cells, ourselves. The sacred is alive and permeating everything. 

So, let us open to that which is alive, that which flows in the currents of deep pleasure and presence. Let us place our feet in the ebbing-flowing waves and the ever-flowing streams of this life here (and I mean, actually putting our feet in the physical water!). Let us go for a barefooted walk on the exposed earth of a beach or trail. Let us wrap our arms around those we cherish. 

Let us truly, fully be here together - holding and nourishing with compassion - inviting one another into the embrace of recognition - remembering each other into wholeness. 

I feel this quality of holding, nourishing, inviting and remembering as a warmth through my entire being. I can ease into these energies, softening the resistances born of wounds and self protection. I can surrender and through this vulnerability, give and receive more freely. 

Through this attentive and responsive presence we can engage more fully with this world, taking risks, dreaming big, connecting with each other, and loosening the grip of fear. 

May you infuse each moment with presence, coming into ever deepening relationship with Life moving through, with, in, as, and around you. 

May it be so with all. 

Blessed be,
Jennifer Marie 

* The Guided Meditation this week is the seventh in a chakra series connecting us with the downward current of manifestation. We connect with the sacral chakra. The symbol is a luminous silver crescent moon. Listen in on HERE!

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