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28. mystical musing: Shine even when you are waning

(inspired by the Leo full moon and lunar eclipse of 2017)

We are in the midst of an eclipse portal that opened on Friday, February 10 with a Leo full moon lunar eclipse. This is a time to follow your lion heart into unknown territory, unconstrained by the fear of pain and heartbreak.

The inner life mirrors outer life and vice versa - similar to the way the Moon reflects the Sun. No matter how full or thin the Moon may be, she continues to rise and set each night and day, journeying across the heavens for all to see. We could learn much by her ways. 

No matter the brightness of her light on any given night, she continues to make her journey through space. She doesn’t say, oh dear I’m too full and fat to rise tonight; or I’m much too dim, how small and insignificant I am, I’ll just go away and never return.

May you align with these waning energies, and instead of hiding in shame for what was and was not, or fear of what could and could not be, compassionately welcome all that stands in the way of your full self-expression (be it underdeveloped or overly inflated aspects of self). 

From this place, ask: What is life asking of me? 

“Ask, and you shall be given.”

But, perhaps the wording need to be shifted slightly: “Ask, and you shall give.” In this query, align personal will with universal will with a simple prayer: “May my will be thy will and thy will be done.”

Open to the Great Mystery living through you and as you. 

Blessed be,
Jennifer Marie

* The Guided Meditation this week is the sixth in a chakra series connecting us with the downward current of manifestation. We connect with the solar plexus chakra as a way to activate and empower personal will in service to divine will. The symbol is a downward pointing red triangle. 

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