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3. mystical musing: The Golden Mirror, Crown & Throne

(inspired by Venus & Regulus alignment and the Aquarius Full Moon of 2016)

Over the weekend of August 5, 2016, Venus moved into alignment with the fixed star Regulus, reminding us of the beauty and grace of our nobility. We have much to learn in this regal alignment, especially as we move towards the Full Moon in Aquarius (on August 18, 2016), which calls us to the future. 

True nobility is being of service. Service is the right use of power. However, often our relationship with power often falls short of this. We do not have many models of nobility in this modern age of domineering hierarchal power dynamics. 

So, how can we free our relationships and choose to empower rather than overpower? It begins with how we see ourselves - self-reflection. But, it does not end there. We have a choice to take action - Sacred Action - in response to what we see.

I will use the metaphors of a golden mirror, golden crown and golden throne to explain. Gold is the color of nobility and has been used as a sign of power for thousands of years.

We have a choice when we gaze into the golden mirror to narrow our gaze in judgment, or to soften and see beyond the wrinkles, silver hairs, dark shadows and hardened edges of time. Rather than a glorification of bygone years of youth, we have access to wisdom cultivated through experience. 

We have a choice when we put on the golden crown to shine for our own personal glory, or to reflect the beauty and potential of our community. 

We have a choice when we sit in the golden throne to serve our own small needs, or to ask what is needed. A great Queen or King is one who serves the people. Ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world. 

What will you do to serve each day? How are you already in service? What are you afraid to see? Will you turn on the light, look into the mirror, put on the crown and sit on the throne? See beyond and imagine yourself into a grand life infused with golden light. 

Also, understand that sometimes when we feel stuck or uninspired and we cannot see the light no matter how hard we try or no matter how hard we practice, we are thinking too small. Dare to expand beyond shadows of shame and doubt. Dare to turn towards the light of destiny.

The guided meditation for this week will help you feel the radiant power of gold.

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