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2. mystical musing: Red Flower

(inspired by the Leo New Moon of 2016)

We are at the beginning of a new cycle, having stepped over a fiery threshold into a realm of power, passion and creativity, initiated by the New Moon in Leo on August 2, 2016. Leo is all about confidence, radiance and creativity. Leo wants you to shine and be seen in the great light of Love. In truth, Leo wants everyone to shine and to lead with the heart. Choose to shine no matter what. Choose to support others as they shine. We cannot do this alone. We are here, holding hands in the great circle of Life. 

Take a look around…open the eye of your imagination.

See yourself standing in a valley. A bright fire is spreading across the ridge and billows of heavy grey smoke are filling the sky, turning the sun into an glowing red ball. Soon the valley is surrounded by a circle of fire, sending smoke messages up into the heavens, beckoning the sirens. 

This fire is not your typical wildfire and the sirens do not belong to an ambulance. This is the original fire of the gods before it was stolen and placed in the hands of humans. This is the red flower of passion and desire, and these are the sirens who seduce you off the beaten path. 

This valley where you stand is now the very center of the red flower of the gods, and the smoke blocks any recognizable sign posts or structures, and the sirens sing not exactly soothing, but deeply moving enchantments. 

Somehow you are able to breathe with ease, for this is no ordinary fire and no ordinary smoke. You open your lips and hear sounds pouring forth, perhaps recognizable words, perhaps not. What do you hear? 

Look around again and see who is with you. People? Animals? Magical creatures? Gods and Goddesses? Acknowledge them with a warm smile. Feel their smiles shining upon you. You are not alone.  


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