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53. mystical musing: Dream into Source

(inspired by a Mercury retrograde of 2017)

Mercury has just turned retrograde, inviting us to revisit our relationship to the outside world, and to shift our orientation to Source. I’m using the word Source these days rather than Truth, as “truth” has been quite distorted and upended, and ironically, i don’t quite trust it. We are in a time of adulterated information - a time when it’s difficult to discern factual from fictional news and information. 

So, we must find other ways to tap into the Source. One such way is through Dreams (waking and sleeping), which are mythic, archetypal, practical, eternal, prescient. Let’s listen even more intently to that which bubbles up from the Void in Dreams, synchronicities, and nudges from the Divine. 

One such nudge is a message i’ve heard every morning since the past Full Moon: “Never diminish or discredit the value of your Dreams” - especially the off-the-wall or apparently mundane that can be written off at dawn. It sounds so simple…especially to one who wrote a book about Dream exploration and loves to dive into the Mystery! But, it’s also so easy - too easy - to slip back into sleep or jump into the day without a second look.

But, it’s truly, clearly time we Dream more intentionally, and to value that which comes our way through the underground channels. Here’s a suggestion for Dreaming into Source:

Allow your mind to work along different pathways. Sleep well. Record your Dreams. Dream into your Dreams. Live into your Dreams. Receive messages from the Underworld, from the Essence Within, from the Great Mystery. Awaken to other ways of being, thinking, communicating, relating with yourself, world, life. 

Be your own conduit of Source through skillful listening with responsive actions. Be in a place of profound listening while sleeping and waking, and in the drifting places in between. Be open to what Dreams may come. Be well and Be Blessed.

Sweet Dreams, Deep Dreams,

P.S. I am inspired to open a new Dream portal where we can gather and share our Dreams. The pieces are still coming together, so keep your eyes open!

* The Guided Meditation for patrons of Beauty, Love & Magic will soon be posted.


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