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54. mystical musing: The Fierce and Tender Warriors, Dreamers and Lovers

54. mystical musing: The Fierce and Tender Warriors, Dreamers and Lovers

(inspired by the Leo New Moon/Full Solar Eclipse of 2017)

What happens when our love goes underground into the realm of the unknown and incomprehensible? What happens when we witness the middle world going up in flames of hatred? What happens when the upper world seems to be quietly watching, waiting, allowing? 

The Light dims. We enter the Great Mystery where shadows dance on cave walls and labyrinthine passageways. We wend and weave, Dreaming through the portal of night into wild and barren landscapes, city streets and country estates, battlegrounds and strangely familiar houses. We have a sense of having been here and done this before, yet also a shock that it is happening again. 


Soon, the eclipse will shadow the Sun, casting the US into a momentary collective darkness. But, aren’t we already here, wandering through the Shadowlands? Eclipses are pattern interrupters, and we are in the middle of two powerful ones. The comfortable pattern of complacency is being interrupted by blatant acts of hatred, as well as compassionate acts of love. Blood and love are seeping into the soil; spreading across the Earth; and rising, screaming, shouting up to the Cosmos.  

Sparks of light flare up, reminding us of a love that endures and beckons us forward. Not backward. We can’t go back. There is no legendary past when everything was perfect. Every time has its challenges and wounds, leaving the survivors with scars of remembrance. Through the wounds, the violet light shines; through the scars, the inherent will to live strengthens.

We are tender and we are fierce. We feel and we respond. Some of us are Warriors, marching on the front lines. Some of us are Dreamers, weaving invisible webs to catch the fighters. All of us can be Lovers, coming together to create a more compassionate world for All.

Be courageous, Warriors of Light, Dreamers of Night, Lovers of All. Gather your tools - your words, your dreams, your visions, your actions and response-abilities. Move beyond the instinct to fight back, and open to a new way of communicating with and through the suffering and pain. Undertake this formidable task of conscious revolution. There is no finality with revolution - no beginning, no ending - but rather revolving, circling, and actually spiraling up, down, betwixt and between. What is this new way through? 

It is not entering the fray in retaliation, weapons drawn. It is not skirting around, spiritually bypassing the reality at hand. But what is it? Somehow, we enter in and stay with Whole Self (described by one of my teachers and wise elder, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes as body, heart, mind, child spirit and eternal soul). Somewhere, in the very midst of it all, we know and we respond. 

So, do not look or shy away, but inquire deeply within yourself, and the Heart-Soul of this World: Why do you suffer? Where do you hurt? In what ways does/can this suffering serve? Ultimately, Whom do you serve? Where do you stand Lover, Warrior, Dreamer? What can be done here and now?

Tend the bleeding, so the Heart can keep beating.  


* The Guided Meditation this week helps us find center through  mudra and mantra - becoming aware of the obstacles, forgiving ourselves, and stepping through the eclipse portal with clarity. Soon available for patrons of Beauty, Love & Magic

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