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45. mystical musing: A Letter to You

Dear Beauty, Love & Magic Makers,

I am just returning from a week with the wild wise women of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and tribe. It feels as if i am still in the temenos - the sacred portal between. The journey does not end when we return from a life-changing experience (whether it is a moment of awe, rite of passage, retreat, vacation, workshop or even class or healing session). There is a sacred afterglow, and the experience itself is only just barely beginning…if we continue with whole-Self devoted to the integration. 

As readers and listeners of this page, it is my prayer that the love i felt and received last week will pour across the ethers into your own hearts. We are truly here in service to one another and to this Earth, Pachamama, Gaia who we call home. 

Know that it is through all of our life experiences, perhaps especially the ones that left wounds and scars, that we are opened to that something/someone Greater. 

With this inner knowing, the external ways of control and manipulation fall away. The icy layers of protection melt. The critic’s voice of self-deprecation and disdain quiets. We are left with our original voice and a purity of connection to that which animates and carries us through all the cycles of life. 

May this week bring you gentleness of heart, kindness of body, delight of spirit, inspiration of mind, and peace of soul. 

With Love,

* There will be two Guided Meditations posted this week, as last week’s meditation turned out to be complete silence (which may be just what the doctor ordered)! Available on Patreon.

46. mystical musing: Summer Solstice

46. mystical musing: Summer Solstice

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