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47. mystical musing: Sometimes…

(inspired by the Cancer New Moon of 2017)

I am gazing across the ocean as the sun sets and paints the sky and waters in an ever-changing canvas of beauty. The ocean is the Great Mother who nurtures us with a compassion and love that runs deep, no matter who we are, no matter what we’ve done. 

This poem by David Whyte found its way into my heart tonight:

SECOND SIGHT (by David Whyte)

Sometimes, you need the ocean light, 
and colors you’ve never seen before
painted through an evening sky.

Sometimes you need your God
to be a simple invitation
not a telling word of wisdom.

Sometimes you need only the first shyness
that comes from being shown things
far beyond your understanding,

so that you can fly and become free
by being still and by being still here.

And then there are times you want to be
brought to ground by touch
and touch alone.

To know those arms around you
and to make your home in the world
just by being wanted. 

To see eyes looking back at you,
as eyes should see you at last,

seeing you, as you always wanted to be seen,
seeing you, as you yourself
had always wanted to see the world.

Allow life and love to touch you, move you, change you sometimes, all times and in all ways. 


* The Guided Meditation is a gentle journey inspired by the peace of the ocean and the rising sun. Available on Patreon

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