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48. mystical musing: Bowl of Light

This is sent with Aloha across the shimmering seas. Last week i guided a beautiful, deep gathering in Hawai’i, inspired by the these islands. We spoke of many things and discovered magic within and without as we traversed inner and outer landscapes. One of our guiding themes was the Hawaiian concept of the Bowl of Light.

At birth, each one of us is born with a Bowl of Light. Our child spirit can fly with the birds, swim with the sharks and move mountains. As we move through life, we experience wounds and disenchantments that cause us to lose faith in life and ourselves as beings of great and simple magic. In this way, we gather stones in our Bowl of Light, and feel weighted down by the world, no longer able to fly.

So, what do we do? We turn the Bowl over. We make offerings of our stones. In this offering, we come to understand that perhaps we are not meant to carry these stones with us forever, but to carry them for a time, to grow stronger through them, and then to make an offering of them and of ourselves, thereby making room for more Life. 

Make your life - all of it, all of you - an offering.


* Listen to the Bowl of Light Guided Meditation created for patrons of Beauty, Love & Magic.

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