58. mystical musing: What Matters

(inspired by the Virgo New Moon of 2017)

In a culture filled with images and videos, it’s easier now than ever to look outside and compare ourselves to who and what we see out there. Humans often feel lonely for other people, and we seek validation from "them" that we are doing okay. We forgo the simple, beautiful, lovely and magical things in favor of mindless scrolling. 

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53. mystical musing: Dream into Source

Mercury has just turned retrograde, inviting us to revisit our relationship to the outside world, and to shift our orientation to Source. I’m using the word Source these days rather than Truth, as “truth” has been quite distorted and upended, and ironically, i don’t quite trust it. We are in a time of adulterated information - a time when it’s difficult to discern factual from fictional news and information. 

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50. mystical musing: Longing for Longing

Your desires are holy, sacred, desired. This morning i meditated with Saraswati - goddess of wisdom, eloquence, poetry, music, intuitive wisdom. I asked her what wants to awaken in and live through me. She called me to a deep, sweet place beneath the longings for this or that and the other things. She reminded me that the poignant longing for longing, desire for desire is the space to muse upon and create from. 

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49. mystical musing: go down, down, down until down becomes up

Sometimes the Moon pulls you in and spits you out on the Otherside. Maybe there is no dark side, only an other side. Sometimes the Earth draws you down, down, down…and you keep going until you think you hit rock bottom. But perhaps there is no rock bottom, perhaps you arrive at the point where down becomes up…and you find that without even knowing it, you are going up, up, up and resurfacing to the light with an entirely new perspective and place within yourself and in the world.

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48. mystical musing: Bowl of Light

At birth, each one of us is born with a Bowl of Light. Our child spirit can fly with the birds, swim with the sharks and move mountains. As we move through life, we experience wounds and disenchantments that cause us to lose faith in life and ourselves as beings of great and simple magic. In this way, we gather stones in our Bowl of Light, and feel weighted down by the world, no longer able to fly.

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46. mystical musing: Summer Solstice

This is a poignant time of ripening, a time of enjoying the juicy fruits and wide open flowers before they turn. I want to capture the moment of perfect ripeness forever, as if in a three-dimensional, four-dimensional, five-dimensional picture that i can hold and cherish, that will never grow old and never go away or die. This is a remnant of the maiden - the child spirit who i imagine we all still feel at times. 

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45. mystical musing: A Letter to You

I am just returning from a week with the wild wise women of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and tribe. It feels as if i am still in the temenos - the sacred portal between. The journey does not end when we return from a life-changing experience (whether it is a moment of awe, rite of passage, retreat, vacation, workshop or even class or healing session). There is a sacred afterglow, and the experience itself is only just barely beginning…if we continue with whole-Self devoted to the integration. 

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43. mystical musing: A Prayer for the Broken Hearts

This is a time of increasing polarization, with growing fanaticism near and far. May our hearts not grow weary, nor our senses numbed  by all that we are seeing and hearing and feeling. May we instead let the light pour in and out through these broken fragments of our hearts. 

May we come together in our tender brokenness and hold each other as we cry. May we pray for healing, pray for those who are suffering, and pray for a shift in our trajectory. May this planet become a haven for the children and all of us.  

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42. mystical musing: Walk Your Own True Path

This earth walk is full of paradoxes. For every bit of light and substance there is a shadow. There are parts of us that act in service of the Soul with no concept of right/wrong. These parts are not afraid to break with expectations; they are not afraid to make “mistakes”. 

* The Guided Meditation for this week is a Blessing Practice. Available for Beauty, Love & Magic makers and dreamers on Patreon. You can do this sitting quietly, or moving about in the world. Make this a regular practice, modifying it as you go about your day and night, and experiencing the inner/outer transformations. Blessed Be.  

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41. mystical musing: Nest-Fallen

On the morning after the Scorpio Full Moon i stepped outside and found a dead baby bird just a few paces from my front door. This little one must have fallen from his nest in the cypress trees. His delicate pink skin barely had the fuzzy down that would have one day turned into feathers for flight. He was soon wrapped in a leaf and buried in the earth along with contemplations on meaning… 

* The Guided Meditation this week helps us cultivate kindness and compassion. The passage i quote from John O’Donohue is below. Available for the Beauty, Love & Magic makers for a small monthly donation via Patreon.

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40. mystical musing: Honeybees

This Beltane season has been alive with honeybees buzzing about in friendly sort of ways, hitching rides on purses, lighting upon picnic blankets, and pausing to taste the flowers. The honeybee is a Beltane ally, reminding us to not only enjoy the sweetness of life, but to also do the good work. 

* The Guided Meditation this week brings us into connection with the magic and mystery of the honeybee. Available for Beauty, Love & Magic makers on Patreon

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39. mystical musing: Welcome to Beltane, Beloveds

Through love, we become more vulnerable, powerful and compassionate in our thoughts and actions. Through love, we become vessels of creativity and Truth. Through love, we become conscious warriors because we know deep in our heart the value of life, from birth to death. Through love, we become. 

* It is in devotion to the Great Mystery that I share a taste of Beltane Magic. This musing is part of a Beltane Booklet (available when you subscribe to receive newsletters/updates on www.beautyloveandmagic.com) and gives homage to the Beauty, Love & Magic inherent in this powerful time of the year. 
* The Guided Meditation this week is a Beltane Blessing. You can find it and become a patron of Beauty Love & Magic on www.patreon.com/beautyloveandmagic

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