Welcome! I offer dream temples and readings, gatherings, and subtle body chiropractic care that evoke a deep sense of heart-soul connection, as well as online studies for continued integration. This work is for you; this work is for your family & community; this work is for the new & ancient Earth. We are dreaming it into being.

- Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane, DC - 

 artwork for  ODE , by  Katrin Kuttner

artwork for ODE, by Katrin Kuttner


  • Dream Temples
  • Readings
  • Immersion
 image by  Mo Saito

image by Mo Saito


  • Chiropractic
  • Yoga
  • Foundation Training
 artwork for  ODE , by Katrin Kuttner

artwork for ODE, by Katrin Kuttner


As Dreamers, yogis and mystics we navigate the inner and outer aspects of our lives, weaving webs of connection and belonging. Come along with me, step across the threshold, place your feet on the Mystic Path, walk the Beauty Way, and...

Let's Dream the World Awake!

Video Credit: "Foraged Films"

"ODE is a lovely, clear, coherent, accessible book. The breadth of experience in frames of reference is wonderfully broad, without being judgmental or intimidating - no small trick! Thank you for writing, and for bringing deep knowledge and wisdom about dreaming to an ever widening audience." - Jeremy Taylor, D.Min.