Journey into Mabon's Magic

Equinox is upon us. It will be exact on September 22 at 6:55pm PDT when the Sun moves into Libra, the sign of balance and harmony. Day and night will be equal, harmonizing light and dark and enhancing that liminal non-dual space betwixt and between! 

Service and Generosity

“Gratitude is the prayer. Take stock of the blessings received, and succumb to tranquility. It is the dusk of the year, and the darkest months approach, heralded by the North Wind as she takes the remaining leaves from the trees. It is a time for sweet reverie, appreciation, and preparation as all the earth approaches the season of silence and gestation” (Sybil Dana Reynolds, Ink and Honey).

Live Into the Questions

As the moon waxes into fullness, I invite you to question your perceptions and chosen reality. The full moon in Pisces blurs the edges of reality, softening the border between truth and fantasy, known and Unknown, seen and Unseen....dissolving illusions and revealing Mysteries to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see...

Leo New Moon: Learning with Lugh & Tailtiu

The essence of this time of year is joy grounded in a foundational understanding that all things come to an end, so let’s in-joy the moment here and now. Let this time support you in clearing away the weeds and brambles that are choking the life force and tangling you up in confusion, distraction, and overwhelm. Step into the golden light of late summer and feel yourself in connection to the Land and All That Is. 

At the end of this week we enter the portal of Lughnasadh - a cross quarter holy day marking the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. It’s a time when we acknowledge and express our gifts and skills as individuals in service to the collective. 

Every New Moon is a time to begin again. This Cancer New Moon - the sign of the Great Mother - invites us to set intentions for those things closest to our heart - our home, our family, our community. It also invites us to look deeply into our home life and make necessary changes. In that, is an evocation of empathy and compassion for the suffering within and without. So, as the Moon darkens and turns, write your prayers and speak them aloud. Let the Great Mother hear and hold you.

This Gemini New Moon is bringing me into a place of deep listening. A couple days ago in the darkening of the Moon, after an intensive week of feeling and healing, I was straining to hear the silence beneath and in the noise. And now…silence, waiting, longing…Peace and Clarity in the not yet knowing, but the trusting, yes, the trusting that all is coming.

Full Moons are bright mirrors (directly opposite the Sun), providing us with a moment to pause and reflect on the energies within and all around us. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini. Sagittarius, symbolized by an arrow, reminds us to choose, focus on the target and move forward. Gemini is a storyteller, a Queen Muse, granting us the freedom to fly in the vast sky of dreams. For those of us who are seekers of love and freedom, this Sagittarius Full Moon is a powerful ally.

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Embody the Dream

This is the time of the New Moon in Taurus, sign of the bull. Close your eyes and go back into ancient memory when the gods and goddesses roamed the earth. Remember a time when the Earth and the earthiness of our animal bodies were sacred, gifts of the god and goddess: He as the virile bull, stag king, goat-footed god; She as the Earth and great horned goddess with a mantle of stars and crescent moon upon her crown.

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