(Photo Credit: Mo Saito )

(Photo Credit: Mo Saito )

Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane’s service to the world is through her devotion to dreams and embodied life. She is a mother, dream oracle, chiropractor, and teacher of earth wisdom and sacred movement. She is also an avid writer and author of a guidebook on dreaming: ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake. To be in her presence is to enter into a realm where body, heart, mind, soul and spirit(s) are invited to intermingle. 

As an undergrad at Stanford University, Jennifer had a mini existential crisis as her intellectual aspirations were challenged by spiritual awakenings. Her traditional Christian worldview fell apart and she no longer wished to pursue a PhD in Anthropology, let alone complete her Bachelor’s! Why?

She experienced a huge heart expansion at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur in the summer of 2002. After that, the world of academia lost its all-encompassing glamour and authority. So, while she completed her degree in Medical Anthropology and Anthropological Genetics, she immersed herself even more deeply in the study and practice of yoga, dreamwork, healing and meditation.

Jennifer has been a yoga teacher and practitioner of the healing arts for over a decade. She also walks the priestess path  and received her initiations in Glastonbury, UK - home of Avalon, the Tor and Chalice Well Gardens. The mystical path continues to guide and inspire her onward.

In the Spring of 2016, she and her husband left their San Francisco home of 10+ years, and embarked on an epic adventure. They lived/traveled full time in an RV for nearly two years with their two cats, Pixie and Dewdrop the Dragon, teaching classes, workshops and retreats, and inspiring Beauty, Love & Magic across the land. They now live in Sebastopol, CA with their beautiful son. 

Jennifer offers dream temples and readings, gatherings, retreats, and subtle body chiropractic care that evoke a deep sense of heart-soul connection, as well as online studies for continued integration. She invites each of you to follow your true path, and to wander a bit on a walkabout where there is no path, only the living Dream. 


  • BA, Anthropological Sciences: Medical Anthropology & Anthropological Genetics, Stanford University
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West
  • Certified Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner
  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor'
  • Initiated Priestess
  • Universal Life Church Minister
  • Hospice Volunteer
  • 1,000+ hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
  • 1,000+ hours of Massage & Bodywork Training


Every time I am around Jennifer, I find that I am entranced not only by her beauty and eloquence, but by her deep devotion to her spiritual path and service in the world. She is a woman that moves with grace, bathes in wisdom, honors ritual, and surrenders to the messages that pour through her like a cascade of light. Her teaching and storytelling is detailed, colorful and brilliant. Her compassion allows each person in her presence to feel held, trusted, and connected. In such subtle and beautiful ways, she demands that I take responsibility for my own heart and she draws out the part of me that longs to have a voice. In her presence I can truly be myself and I am thankful for her tokens of timeless wisdom and devotional rituals I will continue use for the rest of my life. ~ Tiffany Grimm (founder, One Indigenous Heart)

Jennifer is a true light healer and Heart-way show-er. She is the most inspiring and intuitively gifted teacher I know. She has empowered me to trust my own heart wisdom and internal guidance, which has helped me to blossom and evolve exponentially, beyond words! I am eternally grateful for her love and expression.~ Edwina Ferro (yoga teacher and artist)

I just want to thank you, Jennifer. When I reached out to you over a year ago, I had no idea what kind of journey I was calling into my life, but I am so grateful I did. I am astounded by the things I've learned, experiences I've had, and journeys I've been on, physically, mentally and spiritually. I had no idea I'd come this far into spiritual adulthood and I have so much further to go, but I am on my path and I don't know I would be this far along if it wasn't for you. Thank you for being you, for guiding me and supporting me along the way, and thank you for your friendship. It is pure magic and I am so grateful. ~ Lisa Fox (educator)

Gratitude to all my teachers, especially Tom HendricksonSianna ShermanPaul Muller-OrtegaAna ForrestSamantha MatthewsHolly Hamilton and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.