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The Dreamer's Moon

The Dreamer's Moon

Hello from the Bay Area - my once home where many of you still live! It fills me with such joy to visit and teach here again. This past weekend, Edwina Ferro, Lydia Hwang and I joined together with a beautiful group of yogis in what is becoming an annual’ish event of Yoga and Sacred Sound. Thank you to all who were able to join us and share in the bliss of the Gayatri and the rainbow gift in the sky!

On this night of the Dark Moon, turn your face towards the sky, chant the Gayatri, look to what is hidden, open to what is coming through the New Moon portal as the moon wanes, pauses, then begins to wax once more. By chanting the mantra, we align with an ancient mystery tradition that evokes bliss beyond rational explanation - we dream a new dream for the New Earth.

The Yoga traditions honor this portal time as Maha Sivaratri. Douglas Brooks, PhD : “Sivaratri is the seam in the fabric of Being…tonight we see the dark side of the dark side of moon and the day as night…to remember the forgotten and to forget to remember; and so it is auspicious to sing into the otherwise prohibited dark hours, to be awake when otherwise you would sleep. Perchance to dream!”

This is a Dreamer’s Moon, so of course, I love it even more! And I’d love to invite you to Awakening Through Dreams, an online course I created in collaboration with my friends at Spirituality & Health. For just a short time, I’m offering 20% off with the code DREAM20. Find more information HERE and follow the links to sign up if you feel your soul-wisdom calling through your dreams. This invitation is for you, too, if you feel like your dreams are elusive.

You see, dreams have a way of slipping away in the first few moments of waking. Recently a friend shared with me that she feels like there are so many messages being sent to her in the Dreamtime, and though she can’t remember them when she wakes, she retains the feeling in her body. This happens to me, too, especially since my first priority when I wake these days is my son, not my dream journal. (If I exercise my super powers of dream-recall, I can steal a few moments later in the day to jot some bits down, though.)

I do believe that the part of me that needs to receive the message gets it. This allows my mind to relax around the need to know. It works sometimes, but other times I would really love to hold the dream in my mind and bring it forth consciously through further exploration. 

Do you know what I mean? 

I share tips about how to enhance dream recall and dream re-entry in my new Spirituality & Health online course, Awakening Through Dreams. The 20% off code is good for just a couple weeks, so check it out soon, friends!

Send me a note if you have any questions - I am always happy to hear from you.

Magical Ally: Uttanasana

So…this month’s ally is neither herb nor person, but movement. Tonight, practice uttanasana - turning the world upside down and inside out - for that is what happens when sun and moon are in the sign of Pisces. The Sanskrit word, uttanita, means “upside down” - we take what was hidden and bring it to the light of awareness; we keep vigil in the night and enjoy sacred pauses of stillness and quietude throughout the day; we lower our head below our heart, and let the heart be the one that leads the way into the golden dawn of a new day and way.

With Love and Gratitude,


Pisces New Moon: March 6 @ 8:04am PST
Spring Equinox: March 20 @ 2:58pm PST
Libra Full Moon: March 20 @ 6:43pm PST

Light in the Darkness: a Dream Incubation Ritual 

Light in the Darkness: a Dream Incubation Ritual 

First Breath of Spring & Imbolc Blessings

First Breath of Spring & Imbolc Blessings