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Light in the Darkness: a Dream Incubation Ritual 

Light in the Darkness: a Dream Incubation Ritual 

Do you find this to be true: “the brighter the light, the darker the shadow” - personally and collectively? Do you believe there is an energetic status quo that keeps this reality in check? Do you observe great acts of love and kindness “balanced” by acts of vengeance and cruelty?

Somedays I fear the darkness is too dark. I am not talking about shadow...I’m talking about true Darkness. I worry over the world as it is now and as it could be when my son grows into adulthood. I feel helpless and hopeless in the face of the violence in distant countries and even in my own mind. In this fear, I freeze into rigidity, afraid to feel the full sorrow, afraid that I might not stop crying if I begin to melt. 

But then I wonder...

Is there a way to raise the vibration to a higher level - a level where these terrible acts of violence, oppression and repression are unheard of? As the light grows, will the darkness grow proportionately or will it lessen? 

Will love and compassion prevail?

As a Dreamer, I take my troubles to the Night. I fully believe that our souls carry the “soulutions” and they deliver these messages through dreams and synchronicities. Rarely do I wake up with a clear answer right away, but when I commit to looking deeper, I am more often than not surprised and inspired by the Wisdom codes hidden in the Dreaming. 

Dream Incubation

There is a practice called Dream Incubation in which you create a ritual to welcome in a sacred dream. Dream incubation rituals are found across cultures: in Greek and Roman Asklepian temples, Native American vision quests, Tibetan dream meditations, and Muslim sleep prayers.

There are basically 3 steps: prepare your space; set your intention; and open to epiphanies.

  1. To Prepare  your space, create a Dream Altar with flowers, music, soft light, special sheets, and so forth. Infuse each action before sleep with meaning - from eating to bathing to drinking a cup of tea with herbs that stimulate dreams and beckon sleep. A simple tea of mugwort will activate amazing dreams! Add chamomile and lavender for peaceful sleep, and rose for the Divine Feminine’s fierce beauty. 

  2. To Set your intention, ask a question and seek guidance. Say it out loud 3 times. Form it into a prayer - a soul prayer that connects you to your Higher Self, to the Great Mystery, to your understanding of Source.

  3. Then, Give yourself sacred space in the morning to receive the epiphanies by journaling your dreams, feelings, insights, and healing messages. 

If you happen to not recall a dream in the morning, do not distress. Work with what you are aware of – your feelings, the sounds outside your window, the weather, the song in your head or playing on the radio. Also, pay attention to what comes your way in the next several days.

I believe that if we each truly listen and look deeply enough, we’ll receive the answers...we’ll be able to look into, through and beyond the current situation ...we’ll see the Light and the Way forward...and we will shift the trajectory.

Awakening Through Dreams with Spirituality & Health

My course, Awakening Through Dreams, takes you on a journey into your dreaming and gives you the tools to wake up to your Innate Wisdom and Creativity. The Dreaming is one way and it’s here inside you, coming through you every single night. 

Sweet Dreams. 

For you, Seekers of Sweetness, Spring Equinox Blessings

For you, Seekers of Sweetness, Spring Equinox Blessings

The Dreamer's Moon

The Dreamer's Moon