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the dream oracle sessions: Halloween

the dream oracle sessions: Halloween

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session 11

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes, and thank you for your Dreams.

In the Nature of Dreams, and my own Nature as a Dreamer, these blogs are shapeshifting and wanting more freedom. They may not appear every Sunday, but will still revolve around Dreamtime: exploring the Mysteries with awe and respect for the natural and supernatural, the ordinary and extraordinary, the everyday and every night Magic that weaves us all together in a Great Cosmic Web of Becoming…

The Samhain season has begun. And this year, it spans about 2 weeks from Halloween/Calendar Samhain on October 31, to Solar Samhain on November 7-8, to Lunar Samhain on November 11. If you’re interested in learning more about the astrology, I highly recommend my sister priestess’ Astrology Blog, She also has a public Facebook page, which she attends to regularly.

Halloween night…

Last night, I celebrated Halloween with a lovely group of women. It was an exquisite and powerful evening, one that I didn’t want to end.

Well…the Dreamtime taught me a wonderful lesson that I would like to share with you...endings may not be so final...As I closed my eyes and dropped into sleep, I found myself once more sitting in the circle, sipping spiced apple cider, and gazing into flickering candlelight, as if time had unwound on itself.

let’s dream…

Close your eyes for a moment, and join us…smell the scents of apple, orange, cinnamon, clove, allspice and anise. Taste the warm apple cider in your mouth. Feel the heat of multiple candles of all shapes and sizes. See the flickering shadows cast by bodies gathered in a circle. Feel the touch of a close friend as you sit knee-to-knee. Listen to the sound of silence as it fills the room…

As we gaze softly into the flickering candlelight, we listen to the stories of our ancestors, we share our hopes and dreams for the healing of our lineage, our Earth, our karma, and the children - the past, present and future trajectory of our souls and every soul fragment of the One Light that became many. 

We feel the presence of our grandmothers, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers, and so forth - our matrilineages humming in our veins. A song arises, at first just a whisper, and then rising, a fire catching and burning brighter into the now radiant night:

 It's the blood of the Ancients 

That runs in our veins

And the forms pass

But the circle of Life remains

The song fades as light dawns on a new day, and I awaken.

the Halloween oracle

 Autumn and Winter are times for gathering, for sharing stories and songs, for celebrating traditions with friends and family. It is a time of nostalgia and reflection, of looking back at holidays past, enjoying the present moments of togetherness, and looking forward to holidays to come.

Pause and call to mind and body moments of your Past, moments of love and connection with family and friends...feel the presence of all your loved ones.

There is truth in the phrase, “What’s done cannot be undone,” and yet…we can take the facts – moments of our lives, waking and dreaming – and write a story that empowers and awakens a Living Truth. We can continue the story and fill in the missing pieces. We can work with the creative powers of our mind, imagine the world we long for, and take the necessary actions to bring it forth. That’s what I do with these dream oracles…

What kind of world do you long for? What kind of life do you long to live? How can you bring it forth?

Even if you give your all, there will always be more as you grow and evolve. Start where you are and Love with all you’ve got.

I encourage you to give yourself love as well, to fill your cup to overflowing, and to share from that Source that never runs dry. Be patient with your mind. Tend the fire of your spirit. Be receptive to your emotions. Give thanks for your physical body.

What simple practices of self-care can you weave into your daily life to nourish and nurture yourself during this Season?

May this Samhain Season be one of deep nourishment – a time of connecting in with your own unique Magic and Dreams, both sleeping and waking.

The veils between the worlds are thinning. Anything is possible. Magic is real! 

I hope to see you again soon…

  •  Perhaps @ a weekly meditation gathering at Mobilize in San Francisco (Wednesdays, 6-7pm). Please RSVP, so I know to expect you. Donation based: $10-20. Bring your own cushion and a mug for sipping rose tea.
  • Perhaps @ a weekly yoga class @ Equinox Union St. or San Mateo.
  • Perhaps @ a special therapeutics class or Solstice Celebration class in December – more details to come.
  • Perhaps @ Mobilize for 1:1 ensouled sessions.
  •  Or, perhaps online through Facebook, Instagram, or the Comment section below this post.


May you feel the silvery thread of your eternal soul connected into the Great Web of Life. May you live ever more fully into the Beauty, Love & Magic that is your birthright, your highest soul purpose – a unique, essential, welcome offering to the Dream of Gaia. And, may your heart be filled…May you know the love within you and all around you.

blessed be.

sweet dreams…


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