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the dream oracle sessions: Enter the Moon

the dream oracle sessions: Enter the Moon

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session 12

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes.

Earlier this week, a friend came to me with tears in her eyes, and said: "This is not the world I signed up for.” She was overwhelmed and in utter despair about the state of the world, the terror, the violence, the destruction, the blatant disregard for life...

"But we did agree to be here at this time of planetary evolution. We are here for a reason," I responded...

Daily and nightly, we receive gifts from Spirit. We are given reminders that despite the discord in the world there is a divine Love somehow, somewhere…deep inside and way out there...And maybe that’s one of the reasons for dreaming…to remember.

Have you ever had a beauty dream? A beauty dream is a dream that comes in the service of awakening your senses to the inherent Beauty of the universe.

This afternoon at 2:44 PST, the Moon will be full in the sign of Gemini. She carries us into the realm of truth and beauty. Our dreams can transport us into this realm as well, and we can learn so much by tending to them…

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we dream of ENTERING the MOON

I see…

A white rose in the center with 6 red roses, 3 on either side.

The red roses move to encircle the one white.

The moon, swirls of shadow and light.

Enter the moon.

gemini full moon

the ROSE & MOON oracle

Dreams of beauty open portals into the Mysteries, inviting us to open our senses through awe and wonder.

Do you ever gaze at the Moon and wish you could step into her light? Do you ever swirl in circles in the dew-drenched grass under the full moonlight until you collapse in laughter…until you fall in love? Do you ever pause to smell the roses?

Imagine…What would it be like? To enter the moon…To be in Love?

 Close your eyes and enter this Dream of the Moon and Roses:

Picture the roses in formation, the white with 3 red on either side – like an ancient rune or Celtic ogham. Breathe in the essence of roses. Reach out and touch a perfectly formed petal. Watch as the roses move into different formations, a mystical mandala.

Allow your inner vision to soften into swirls of shadow and light…dappled light…moonlight…soul light…

Roses are symbols of love and higher consciousness. Roses have the highest frequency of all flowers, closest to the frequency of love. The scent is often associated with the presence of ascended masters, angels, saints, and guardian spirits. And quite simply, roses are a symbol of love.

A good friend of mine says this of Love: My heart is full of roses!

The White rose symbolizes the divine masculine, while the Red rose symbolizes the divine feminine – Her blood, Her life force flowing from deep within the Earth.

The 6 red roses bring forth the energy of Sacred Union. In the mystical science of Alchemy, 6 is the number of communion, the meeting and crossing of the upward-pointing (ascending) masculine triangle and the downward-pointing (descending) feminine triangle.

Another alchemical symbol in the Dream is a circle with a dot in the center (created by the roses). This is the Sun, a masculine power. The vision blurs and shifts to the Moon, a feminine power. These powers coexist in divine harmony, sharing the vast sky of consciousness.

Through dreaming and re-dreaming this vision, we bring forth that energy of love and harmony into our field. In this way, we nourish our own souls and the World Soul.

In what other ways are you witnessing and contributing to the field of love?

dream tip:

Set aside time each day to soften your mind, feel into the natural world, and develop your sensitivity. In this way, you open your imaginal capacity and your ability to receive messages from within and without.


 May you know the fullness of truth and beauty in your own soul. May you cultivate a friendship with the natural world. May you develop sensitivity, compassion, and truth. May you experience your self as a beloved member in the family of Life. May you Dream.

Happy thanks-giving and receiving to you and yours.

until next time…

blessed be.

sweet dreams…


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