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Magical Ally for the Capricorn New Moon: Garlic

Magical Ally for the Capricorn New Moon: Garlic

Each new and full moon I share a magical ally - herbal, crystal, mineral, etc - to help you create a growing collection of resources and support.  You can copy each post, add your intuitions and knowings, record a ritual inspired by the ally, and create your own collection of magical spells!

The inspired ritual piece is really important - it’s one thing to read about magic and another thing entirely to actually go forth and create it. At the end of this piece, I’ll share how garlic worked with me in a morning ritual performed under the influence of the dark moon. 

New Moon Magic

So, let’s welcome our Capricorn New Moon magical ally, Garlic. Garlic is also called the stinking rose. In this way, s/he bridges the power of Eros with Thanatos - Life, Love and Death - blooming  and rotting - activating and transmuting. S/he is a potent ally to be enjoyed daily during the winter season (especially raw).

Susun Weed describes garlic as a friend for the old heart. Garlic has been known to support those with cancer, heart conditions, immune deficiencies and menopause. As a magical ally, Garlic assists exorcisms, breaking hexes/curses, banishings, passion, courage, healing and more.

Here are some specific ways to be with this powerful ally: 

  • Garlic is sacred to Hecate - a threshold crone goddess of Magick - so, leave a few cloves out on your threshold with a prayer to invoke more magic in your life.

  • Chew a clove a day to keep the vampires (and viruses) away.

  • Hang a braid of Garlic in your home to ward off jealousy and thievery.

  • Make some kitchen magic by thinking of the one you love as you chop Garlic and stir it in your pot. 

  • A Garlic braid is also said to keep the nightmares away when hung over your bed...but, I’ve found incredible magic in nightmares even through the immense and intense fear. So maybe instead of pushing the nightmares away, welcome them with respect and hang a Garlic braid or wreath as a peace offering. (By the way, my upcoming dream course will help show you a way to be with nightmares in a way of curiosity and creativity - COMING VERY SOON.)

A Ritual with Garlic:

I had a thought to offer three cloves of garlic at the threshold of my back porch. I carefully removed the skin, so as to keep them whole, then stepped outside. 

Standing at the threshold, I began speaking to Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, thresholds and magic. The prayer evolved and I heard myself saying words of healing for the past, present and future - for women, healers and midwives betrayed by women, tortured and burned by men; for people ostracized because they didn’t or don’t fit into a comfortable “norm”; for all who have been/are/will be feared because of the way they (we) walk between worlds...

I placed the Garlic on the earth, then heard: eat, nibble a tiny bite from each, feed the One within you who hears and feels all of this. And so I did. Then I placed the 3 cloves in a row in honor of the Holy Three; maiden, mother, crone; past, present, future; All That Is. 

How are you inspired to be with Garlic? Share your ritual with us! Come into deeper relationship with the allies, yourself, each other and the Earth. 

Blessed be.

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You do not have to be good...

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