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Sophia’s Call, The Eternal Flame

- Leo Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse
- January 31, 2018 @ 5:27am PT
- elemental focus: fire
- body focus: spirit

Here we are at the threshold of the Leo Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - a Blue Blood Moon. Energies are running high, and polarities may feel increasingly intense with big swings, particularly in the energetic body - realm of the spirit. One moment your spirits may be high, and the next you may be crashing. This is the same for the outer world - As Within, So Without. At least that’s how I’ve been experiencing the lead up to this fiery, spirited Leo Moon!

Let’s take a closer look at the particular spiritual light of this moment in time, so we have a way to proactively engage with the rising tides of energy in our waking and dreaming lives:

Full Moons are curious illuminators. The Full Moon is the brightest light in the night sky, and thus has a powerful tendency to reveal our hidden nature - what we don’t want to see. It also has a tendency to cause wakefulness, even restlessness in the night. When you struggle in the moonlight, you can be sure that there is work to be done, shadows to tend, desires to uncover, creativity to express, dreams to be Dreamed…in service of All That Is. 

You see, with the Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius, we are invited into a place where the self is in service of the collective - the big “S” Self. We are encouraged to lead with our full pure heart-fire. And that Leo heart-fire is brilliant! It calls us out of the cave and into the wild - to re-wild ourselves and re-sacralize our world. 

This is the light of the Most Holy Spirit and Goddess Sophia - Lady Wisdom. Her light shines through the cracks of our past mistakes, beckoning us to keep going, to not lose heart, for the heart is the source of our inner light.

Sophia’s call is strong, holy, brilliant and regal - her fire is fierce and her wisdom endures all patriarchal attempts to smother and extinguish. Her’s is the eternal flame. We can turn to her when we feel our inner heart-fire sputtering, and she’ll warm us until we can once again chop wood and carry water. For, we have work to do in this  world, as Dreamers and Sacred Activists!

As you fall asleep tonight, imagine yourself out in the wild realm of heart and spirit, where freedom roars and breaks open all cages of domesticity. Call in your work, your love, your power, your desire. The “work” is not to conform and do the proper thing, but to question and act, to howl and dance, to create something novel and possibly recklessly beautiful.

Upon waking, recall your Dreams. Align with the divine and choose to see the living wisdom in you and all that is as you walk and talk and play and work through your day. For, the All is an emanation of the sacred, mundane and everything in between. It is an elixir of the elemental forces of air and fire, water and earth coming together in a unique, in-spirited way.

May this Moon call you home to your power, home to your love, home to your wisdom, home to your primal nature - to the Wild and Wise Weaver of Dreams and Desires. The eternal flame of Sophia will guide you even in the darkest night, shining on you as the Full-blooded Leo Moon.

Blessed Be,

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